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    23 Reactions For Anyone Who Can't Stop Thinking About Amelia Eve's Performance In "Haunting Of Bly Manor"

    TBH, I can't stop thinking about Jamie's moonflower monologue.

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for The Haunting of Bly Manor!🚨

    So, The Haunting of Bly Manor is FINALLY out, and I truly haven't stopped thinking about it since I watched it.

    Eike Schroter / Netflix

    Once again, Mike Flanagan and the Haunting team managed to craft a horror story that made me cry more than anything else, and they gave us some amazing characters.

    Hannah and Owen sitting by the fire drinking wine

    While the entire cast is absolutely stacked, I truly can't stop thinking about Amelia Eve's performance as Jamie.

    Eike Schroter / Netflix

    I mean, Jamie's monologue about the moonflower and comparing plants to people might be one of my favorite TV scenes of the year.

    Jamie explaining to Dani how everyone dies, but then we become part of the earth and help new life grow

    Amelia told RadioTimes that since Jamie is a completely unique character to the show, she actually created an entire backstory for her, and that was used to help craft this monologue.

    And, on top of that, Jamie also had an absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking romance with Dani, which I will be sobbing over for the foreseeable future.

    Jamie telling Dani, "If you can't feel anything then I'll feel everything for the both of us"

    Basically, I wasn't ready to love a character as much as I loved Theo Crain from Hill House, but here we are.

    Jamie saying, "Poppins, you flirt"

    Like me, the rest of the internet can't stop talking about Jamie, as well as Amelia's performance. So, here are some of the best reactions:


    it was jamie's story and no one knew what she was going through, but every night jamie would wait for dani to come, she got older waiting, never gave up on dani, and somehow it was always there but she couldn't see it, dani never gave up on jamie either.

    earpxsisters / Via Twitter: @earpxsisters


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    caelin-2020 / Via


    amelia eve really did an amazing job portraying jamie

    jamiesapphic / Via Twitter: @jamiesapphic


    niklami / Via


    jamie the gardener in the haunting of bly manor i have feelings for you

    blueafterglow / Via Twitter: @blueafterglow


    all the times jamie called dani “poppins” in haunting of bly manor

    jamiesflower / Via Twitter: @jamiesflower


    jamie calling dani poppins is just something so personal to me

    shesavre / Via Twitter: @shesavre


    I can’t stop thinking about Amelia Eve in Bly Manor. For her first major TV show, she delivered a nearly ten minute monologue that was a thing of beauty and just effortlessly brought Jamie to life. Easily one of my favorite new characters

    noradominick / Via Twitter: @noradominick


    yeah no one fucking touch me jamie’s monologue is one of the best pieces of writing and acting performances ive ever seen do you hear me

    disobedientgay / Via Twitter: @disobedientgay


    jamie’s monologue in ep 6 is so fucking beautiful and the fact that dani was so moved that she didn’t have words to say so instead she passionately kissed jamie is so special

    ameliasdamie / Via Twitter: @ameliasdamie


    the way amelia eve is the perfect jamie

    dyadproperty / Via Twitter: @dyadproperty


    thinking about how jamie is an original character just for the purpose of the show she never existed in the books and yet amelia eve did THAT

    flosdeluca / Via Twitter: @flosdeluca


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    afterlaughy / Via


    jamie looking at dani like she’s the only person in the world

    crainsdamie / Via Twitter: @crainsdamie


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    milfasami / Via


    imagine watching bly manor and not falling in love with amelia eve couldn’t be me

    haughtestearp / Via Twitter: @haughtestearp


    ben-lyintous / Via


    just thinking about how jamie was more than a love interest and they got screen time and an actual plot which wasn’t rushed at all. they got be loving gfs and then wives who shared a really healthy relationship...

    hydriswift / Via Twitter: @hydriswift


    Here at Bly, we have a deeply rooted love for the gardener.

    haunting / Via Twitter: @haunting