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    Here Are 33 Unpopular Opinions About "Grey's Anatomy"

    "I stand by the fact that not only is the musical episode good, but it is THE BEST episode of Grey’s Anatomy."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their unpopular opinions about Grey's Anatomy. Here are some of our favorites:

    1. First, Addison Montgomery was the best character. No questions asked.


    "Addison is hands down the best character the show has ever had. She was flawed in a completely humanizing way. I absolute loved her on Grey's, but Private Practice is when she truly became the greatest character in my eyes."


    2. Meanwhile, Derek was the worst person on the show.


    "I honestly never liked Derek. I think that he was terrible to Meredith, and I’m not even a fan of hers, but she deserved way better than what she got. He got so mad at her for being with other guys when he decided to try to work on things with Addison. He also cheated on everyone he was in a relationship with. I just don’t understand the huge obsession with him."


    3. Meredith and Alex should romantically end up together.


    "Meredith and Alex should be together because they have been great friends throughout the entire show. Their personalities and values are somewhat similar and they have always been there for each other. They are 100% soulmates."


    4. Meredith and DeLuca already have a better relationship than Meredith and Derek.


    "It has barely been a season and I already like Meredith and DeLuca more than Meredith and Derek. DeLuca lets Meredith be herself without trying to change her or making her feel less than."


    5. Cristina leaving the show was much more devastating than Derek's final episode.


    "Cristina saying, 'He’s not the sun you are' to Meredith gets me every time. Cristina's departure from the show was much sadder than Derek leaving."


    6. Meredith's dance parties are kind of the worst thing ever.


    "I really don’t like Meredith's random dance it out moments. They all suck at dancing."


    7. Denny Duquette was an overrated character.


    "I HATE Denny Duquette! I think he was an extremely overrated character that should've known better than to let an intern cut his LVAD wire in the hopes of saving his life."


    8. Callie and Arizona were an annoying couple.


    "I don't understand why Callie and Arizona were constantly forced back together. They never really worked for me and I wish they had gone their separate ways amicably."


    9. Callie should've never forgiven Arizona for cheating on her with Lauren.


    "I really don’t understand how Callie forgave Arizona after she cheated on her. It was so dumb and something Callie never would've done considering George cheating on her basically ended their marriage. I think Callie made a lot of excuses for Arizona just so they could stay together."


    10. Meredith has become a better character since Derek died.


    "I prefer Meredith after Derek died. She is so much more independent and confident. Honestly, she seems happier with her life now that she doesn’t have to feel second to him."


    11. The show has been SO much better since Derek left.


    "The show has been better off without McDreamy. After his death, Meredith has grown so much as a mom and doctor. She's finally realized her own strength and potential now that Derek is gone."


    12. George's death was the least sad death on Grey's Anatomy.


    "George wasn't all that great of a character to make his death seem sad to me. People act like his death was the saddest, but Lexie was crushed by a plane and Mark had to watch her die knowing he couldn't do anything to save her."


    13. George O'Malley was by far the best original intern.


    "Everyone else's drama is what dragged him down! He was always getting thrown into situations that made his life harder. The way he died was so shitty too. No one even realized or noticed where the hell he was because they were all so self-involved. George deserved better."


    14. The musical episode is by far the BEST episode of Grey's Anatomy.


    "I stand by the fact that not only is the musical episode good, but it is THE BEST episode of Grey’s Anatomy."


    15. Cristina is an overrated character and was actually the worst.


    "Cristina is the most overrated character! She’s mean, she’s arrogant, and she clearly doesn’t give a damn about her patients. All she cares about is being 'the best' and doesn’t think about anyone but herself."


    16. Amelia is such an underrated character and deserves better.


    "Everyone talks about how much Meredith went through and how much strength she has, but no one ever credits Amelia! She overcame addiction multiple times, lost her father, her brother, her fiancé, and her baby, AND survived a brain tumor. She’s the character that has shown the most growth over the course of Grey’s and Private Practice and yet she’s so slept on."


    17. The new characters are actually better than the originals.


    "I actually LOVE all of the new characters they've brought in, especially all of the interns that came in with Jo. I love the original interns, but I think they've been on for so long that some of their storylines can get very boring."


    18. Meredith shouldn't have to be in a relationship, she should be single.


    "Why do they keep writing Meredith into relationships? Why can’t she just be a happy, fulfilled, and successful single mom? It’s honestly such an old and tired storyline!"


    19. April and Matthew were a better couple than April and Jackson.


    "April and Matthew were better for each other. They shared the same beliefs, respected each other, and were just good together. Jackson was an ass to April for having her beliefs. Jackson decided at April's wedding that he didn't want to lose her was awful. April would have been happy if it weren’t for Jackson."


    20. Burke and Cristina should've worked out their issues and eventually gotten married.


    "Burke should have remained on the show and he and Cristina should have worked out their issues and gotten married."


    21. Richard Webber is one of the worst characters on the show.


    "He was the worst chief, the worst husband, and not a great doctor. The storyline I could never forgive him for was when he manipulated Meredith into keeping the fact that he started drinking again a secret. Then, he operated while he was drunk. He held onto his responsibilities as Chief way too long."


    22. Jackson and Stephanie belonged together.


    "They were perfect together! I hope Stephanie comes back someday because I think she and Jackson deserve a real shot at love."


    23. Arizona's "he was perfect. He was everything" line is more iconic than Meredith's "pick me, choose me, love me" moment.


    "I do NOT understand why Mer's 'Pick me, choose me, love me' line is more quoted than when Arizona said, 'He was perfect. He was everything. I mean, that man turned her world' because that was ICONIC and not at all desperate."


    24. Mark and Lexie's relationship was 100% better than Meredith and Derek's.


    "Mark and Lexie's love story was so much cuter and sweeter than Meredith and Derek's. They should be the couple that is constantly celebrated."


    25. Owen Hunt is actually the worst character and should be off the show already.


    "Owen Hunt is a terrible person. He married Cristina knowing full well that she didn't want to have children, but then he got mad at her when he wanted children and she didn't! And then, as if he didn't learn his lesson, he pulled the same crap with Amelia. Ugh I hate him so much and ALL of the women he was ever with deserved so much better."


    26. Giving Cristina TWO pregnancy storylines should've never happened.


    "Cristina made it explicitly clear very early on that she never wanted children, so having her go through unwanted pregnancies just added unnecessary drama."


    27. Denny and Izzie's relationship was one of the worst on the show.


    "I literally cannot stand Denny and Izzie's relationship. Denny should've never blatantly flirted with his intern, and Izzie should've known better than to fall for a patient."


    28. April was the best character the show ever had and they shouldn't have let her go.


    "April was the most dynamic and well-rounded character, who also had realistic flaws. She made huge mistakes and paid for them. Everyone else looks shallow next to her. So many people saw her as annoying, but every childish thing she went through and overcame helped build a real and empowering character."


    29. Alex and Jo are a better couple than Meredith and Derek.


    "Alex and Jo are cuter than Meredith and Derek. Alex and Jo have grown as individuals and as a couple. Meanwhile, Derek was constantly trying to stop Meredith from changing."


    30. Izzie and George were an amazing couple and deserved better.


    "Izzie and George were so sweet together. Alex was always hot and cold with Izzie and it was clear that Izzie and George should have been endgame. The look George gives Izzie during her wedding to Alex always breaks my heart."


    31. Meredith's kids should have important storylines of their own.


    "I want more of Meredith's kids. Zola has had a few moments in the recent seasons, but I think it's time for her to get her own storylines. Meredith and Derek's quest to have a family was so important in the earlier episode and I just want to see them growing up. Seeing Meredith be a mother and a surgeon more is what I want."


    32. Season 15 is one of the best seasons of the series.


    "I like the fact that the show has been able to work its way out of a rough patch. Definitely after Cristina and Derek left, the show lost its rhythm, but I think it's finally found its groove again. I'm really loving this season because it reminds me of the earlier seasons and why Grey's has lasted this long."


    33. And finally, Private Practice was better than Grey's Anatomy.


    "Private Practice was better than Grey's Anatomy. The characters were more lovable and the plot was less corny."


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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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