33 Iconic "Grey's Anatomy" Moments That Prove Why Season 2 Remains The Absolute Best

    I will never forget watching the bomb episode for the first time.

    Hi, hello. So, out of all the TV series I've watched, I can confidently say that Grey's Anatomy is one of my absolute favorites.

    Meredith and Cristina hugging in a hospital bed

    I recently started rewatching my favorite medical comfort show again, and I think it's time to discuss how Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy is a PERFECT season of television.

    The original interns: Meredith, Cristina, George, Alex, and Izzie

    So here are 33 moments that prove why Grey's Anatomy Season 2 deserves all the praise:

    There are obviously MASSIVE spoilers ahead!

    1. First, when Meredith and Derek started the season having to deal with Addison's sudden (but iconic) appearance at Seattle Grace.

    Addison saying that Derek had a life in Manhattan and now he has a girlfriend in Seattle

    2. When Cristina told Meredith for the first time that she's her person, thus cementing one of the best TV friendships of all time.

    Cristina telling Meredith that she's her person and then Meredith hugging Cristina

    3. When Ellis was admitted to Seattle Grace and everyone found out that she had Alzheimer's.

    Cristina revealing that the patient is Ellis Grey and Ellis screaming at Meredith not to bother her while she's as work

    4. When Cristina delivered this truly memorable moment after she was recovering from her ectopic pregnancy, and her mother arrived.

    Cristina screaming, "Make it stop! Make it stop! Somebody sedate me!"

    5. When George performed his first solo surgery on a gunshot victim in an elevator.

    6. When Meredith delivered the iconic "Pick me. Choose me. Love me" speech to Derek and told him that she loved him.

    Meredith telling Derek, "So, pick me. Choose me. Love me" after confessing that she loves him

    7. When Bonnie and Tom were brought into the hospital and were connected by a pole after a train crash.

    Bonnie asking Tom if he believes in heaven and then Tom trying to tell Bonnie how grateful he is, but she stops him

    8. And when Bonnie knew that she was probably going to die before her boyfriend got to see her again, and she gave Derek this message.

    Derek telling Bonnie's boyfriend, "She wanted you to know, that if love were enough, she'd still be here with you"

    9. When Bailey hilariously revealed to Richard that she didn't want to leave Seattle Grace, she was just pregnant.

    Richard telling Bailey that he's hurt and she's ungrateful and Bailey responding, "I'm pregnant, you blind moron"

    10. When Denny was first admitted to the hospital and instantly fell in love with Izzie.

    Denny telling Izzie, "Capricorn, single, loves to travel, and cook" and Izzie smiling and reading off what Denny's been admitted for

    11. When they realized that Hannah, a paramedic, actually had her hand on a bomb inside a patient's chest.

    12. And then when Hannah freaked out and left, thus causing Meredith to put her hand on the bomb.

    Meredith telling Cristina she shouldn't make fun of her right now because she has her hand on a bomb and someone is strapping a flak jacket to her boobs

    13. When the show used "Breathe (2 AM)" for the first time when Dylan, the bomb squad guy, took the bomb from Meredith.

    14. And then when everything seemed fine, but a few seconds later, the bomb exploded in the hallway and killed Dylan.

    15. When George helped Bailey deliver her baby because Tucker was in surgery, and it resulted in truly one of the most memorable Grey's moments ever.

    George saying, "He's cute" and Bailey responding, "O'Malley. Stop looking at my vajayjay"

    16. When Mark Sloan arrived at Seattle Grace, immediately flirted with Meredith, and got punched by Derek.

    Mark asking Meredith if she ever dates coworkers

    17. And then when Meredith, Cristina, and Izzie tried to come up with a nickname for Mark and settled on "McSteamy."

    Cristina offering the name "McSexy" and Izzie offering "McYummy" but everyone settling on Meredith's choice, "McDreamy"

    18. When Meredith and George slept together...which I really try to forget about, but hey, it's a great moment to go back and laugh about.

    Meredith sobbing during sex with George

    19. And then when George accidentally told Cristina, Alex, and Izzie that he and Meredith had sex, and then he fell down the stairs.

    George screaming, "You wanna talk now because you told everyone that we had sex" but Meredith didn't

    20. When Addison hilariously had an allergic reaction to poison oak and Bailey had to treat her.

    Addison blaming sleeping with Mark as the reason why she got poison oak

    21. When Grey's Anatomy used "How to Save a Life" for the first time during a surgery montage.

    Derek saying, "it's a beautiful afternoon to save lives, people" and George, Richard, Meredith, and Bailey dealing with patients

    22. When Meredith took up knitting and a vow of celibacy, which was just hilarious.

    23. When Meredith's half sister Molly was admitted to Seattle Grace and Meredith found out about her and Lexie.

    Molly telling Meredith how her dad cried at her wedding and how he's so proud of her sister Lexie

    24. When Callie and George started dating, and George found out that Callie was living at the hospital.

    Callie explaining to George that she lives at the hospital because she spends so much time here and then Callie and George kissing for the first time

    25. When Derek was mad at Meredith for sleeping with Finn, and Meredith delivered this iconic monologue.

    Meredith telling Derek she doesn't get to call her a whore because he left her and chose Addison and she doesn't have to apologies for how she repaired herself

    26. When Izzie cut Denny's LVAD wire after it looked like he wasn't going to get a new heart — Izzie, this was a VERY bad idea, but damn, it made for great TV.

    Izzie and Denny kissing and saying goodbye and then Izzie telling George, "I'm stopping his heart"

    27. And then when George called Meredith and Cristina to help with Denny, and Bailey eventually found out about ALL of it.

    Cristina and Meredith shocked that Izzie cut Denny's LVAD wire, then Bailey walking in on all of them and saying, "You fools better have a good explanation for this"

    28. When Burke was shot outside the hospital and Derek had to operate on him, but it resulted in Burke having a hand tremor.

    29. When Meredith, Derek, and Addison said goodbye to Doc before Finn had to put him down.

    Meredith crying and petting Doc and saying, "I'm so sorry, Doc"

    30. When all of the doctors came together to throw a prom for Richard's niece Camille, who was admitted to the hospital after her cancer returned.

    31. When Derek and Meredith slept together, even though Derek was with Addison and Meredith was with Finn.

    Meredith and Derek kissing

    32. When Denny got a new heart and everything seemed fine, but then he shockingly died before he got to see Izzie in her prom dress.

    33. And finally, when Alex lifted Izzie out of Denny's bed and Izzie quit Seattle Grace, all while "Chasing Cars" played for the first time in the show's history.

    Izzie saying that an hour ago Denny was proposing and now he's headed to the morgue, then Izzie taking responsibility for cutting the LVAD wire

    There are obviously a ton of other moments from Season 2 that are iconic, so which are your favorites? Tell us in the comments below!