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Greta Gerwig Had An Awkward Encounter With Everyone Who Didn't Vote For Her For Best Director At The Golden Globes

"They were like, 'We all voted for you.'" 👀

So it's no secret that the 2020 Golden Globes were filled with some monumental snubs that didn't go unnoticed.

Biggest #GoldenGlobes snubs for Motion Picture: Robert De Niro in Actor Lupita Nyong'o in Actress Zhao Shuzhen in Supporting Actress Noah Baumbach in Director ANY FEMALE DIRECTOR ANY FEMALE WRITER

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And one of the most glaring snubs was the lack of women directors in the Best Director category.

Wow. Shocking. 😑#notshocking

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Greta Gerwig, Lulu Wang, and Lorene Scafaria were just a few of the eligible women who were shut out of the category.

So when Greta Gerwig swung by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about her night at the Golden Globes, she ended up telling this hilarious story about her awkward run-in with the nominating committee.

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Jimmy showed Greta a tweet that showed her being the first person at the Golden Globes and how she was just sitting at her table all alone.

Greta Gerwig wins the prize for the first A-Lister to actually take her seat inside. #GoldenGlobes

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Greta explained that she was "two hours early" and just sat there while her partner, Noah Baumbach, who directed Marriage Story, was being interviewed.

First off, how do you have Greta freakin' Gerwig at an awards show and she isn't being interviewed?!

Anyway, while she was sitting alone, members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association — aka the people who didn't nominate her for Little Women — walked by and told her that they all voted for her!

And Greta had the absolutely perfect reaction to what they said to her.

Greta's face is honestly such a mood.

But she wasn't done calling them out. She explained that there was literally no way every member of the HFPA voted for her and she didn't get nominated.

Basically, I am now obsessed with Greta unapologetically calling out the HFPA because, let's face it, they kind of deserved it.