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    22 "Frozen 2" Behind-The-Scenes Facts That Are Simply The Best

    Frozen 2 is actually the first sequel for a Disney princess movie to get a theatrical release.

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. First, the thing that sparked the idea for Frozen 2 was that the creators and producers would constantly get the question, "How did Elsa get her powers?"

    2. Also, creators Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck realized Frozen ended with all of the characters essentially being "at the beginning" of their relationships.

    3. Frozen 2 is actually the first sequel for a Disney princess movie to get a theatrical release.

    4. In "Lost in the Woods," Jonathan Groff also provides the voice for all of the reindeer backup singers — there are close to "18 different vocal tracks."

    5. Anna's storyline involving losing Elsa and Olaf and how you move on was based on Kristen Bell's real-life experience of being a "very codependent" person, and the good and the bad that comes with it.

    6. The song "The Next Right Thing" was based on a mantra that Kristen uses in her every day life.

    7. In fact, Jennifer and Kristen recorded an emotional discussion they had and sent it to songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez as inspiration for "The Next Right Thing."

    8. Olaf's hilarious "Samantha?" line was improvised by Josh Gad and made it into the final film.

    9. According to Jennifer and Chris, Anna and Elsa represent two different narrative archetypes in Frozen 2: Anna has the characteristics of classic fairy tale character, while Elsa represents myth.

    10. For her audition, Evan Rachel Wood sang "Angela" by The Lumineers in the style of a Disney princess.

    11. Jennifer and Chris said as soon as Evan came in to audition, they immediately felt like Anna and Elsa's mother "just walked into the room."

    12. Evan found out that she officially got the role of Queen Iduna when she was on the way to Disneyland.

    13. Sterling K. Brown auditioned with "Wheels of a Dream" from Ragtime — it was also the first time he had to sing for a gig.

    14. The film's directors and producers all went on a research trip to Norway, Finland, and Iceland to get inspiration for the movie.

    15. Jennifer said when they stood on a glacier for the first time, everyone realized that Elsa would be connected to this "thousand feet deep, thousand year old" ice — "that opened up the story to be something even bigger for us."

    16. Disney signed an agreement with the Sámi leaders — the Indigenous people of the Scandinavian regions who inspired aspects of the movie — ensuring that their culture would be portrayed respectfully in Frozen 2.

    17. The animation and effects for Elsa's horse, Nokk, took nearly six months to develop, with nearly half a dozen animators working extensively on it.

    18. The animators used VR to help come up with the path Gale, the wind spirit, would take during Frozen 2.

    19. For Frozen 2, Arendelle village was completely redesigned "from the ground up" — only certain sections were shown in the first movie, and Frozen 2 shows more.

    20. Originally, the movie opened with a song called "Home" sung by Kristen Bell.

    21. Also, there was originally a song called "Get This Right" sung by Jonathan Groff and Kristen Bell — it was written to help tell Anna and Kristoff's love story.

    22. And finally, the visual development artists came up with 122 different choices for Anna's wardrobe — in fact, some were originally designed for Elsa and were repurposed.