27 Florence Pugh Moments That Will Make You Love Her Even More

    Florence performing surgery on her cactus deserves an Oscar.

    1. First, when Florence performed surgery on her beloved cactus, Barry:

    2. And then, when she created this really catchy song about it:

    3. When she revealed that Barry didn't make a full recovery:

    4. When Florence celebrated her 2020 BAFTA nomination with some of her cacti:

    5. When she ate fries with Meryl Streep, Timothée Chalamet, and Greta Gerwig on the set of Little Women:

    6. When she ran up and hugged Meryl the first time she met her:

    7. When she shared this behind-the-scenes pic of how she hung out in between scenes on Midsommar:

    8. And when she showed what it was like when it rained on set:

    9. When she proved that she has been embodying the sassiness of Amy March since she was a kid:

    10. When she accidentally dyed her hair blue:

    11. When she sang "Mama" from Chicago and proved she's more talented than any of us ever will be:


    Twitter: @mcuridley / Via Twitter: @mcuridley

    12. When she made this face with Dash Barber while filming Little Women:

    13. And then, when she goofed off with Eliza Scanlen, too:

    14. When she talked about how much it meant to her being on the cover of Vogue:

    15. When Florence revealed that her favorite animals are snails and then freaked out when Timothée asked if she ate them:

    16. When she was really confused why people say it's good luck to get pooped on by a bird:

    17. When she hilariously admitted that the scariest movie she watched growing up was Lord of the Rings:

    18. When Florence created her own lyrics for "Shallow" after seeing A Star Is Born:

    19. When she wore the real Dani costume for Halloween:

    20. When she shared this photo of the cast and director of Black Widow after the movie was announced at San Diego Comic-Con:

    21. When Florence explained the types of actors and performances she looked up to when she was growing up:

    22. When she was absolutely ecstatic about meeting Jodie Comer for the first time:

    23. When she celebrated Scarlett Johansson rocking the red carpet at the Golden Globes:

    24. When she shared a little wisdom about hiding behind palm trees:

    25. When Florence revealed that she wanted to get a dog named Edamame:

    26. When she said that she would hide all of the good food while filming the Christmas feast scene in Little Women:

    27. And finally, when she had the same reaction as all of us when we saw Midsommar for the first time: