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    29 Florence Pugh Moments That Prove She's Just As Amazing Offscreen As She Is On It

    "Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I am looking after you. Barry, I am very sorry."

    1. First, when Florence Pugh was adorably really proud of the marmalade she made.

    Florence showing off her orange marmalade and explaining how she makes it

    2. And then, when Paddington was excited about Flo's marmalade and Flo was excited that Paddington was excited.

    Paddington, do you want to make sandwiches with me? You can have a spare jar btw..

    @Florence_Pugh / Via Twitter: @Florence_Pugh

    3. When she took us on the emotional rollercoaster that was caring for her cactus Barry.

    Florence cutting into her cactus and singing, "Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I am looking after you. Barry, I am very sorry"

    4. When she had this reaction, which I can only describe as "my big sister thinks I'm cool," after Scarlett Johansson mentioned she was excited to meet her for the first time.

    Florence interrupting Scarlett's story and getting excited and Scarlett saying, "Let me tell my story"

    5. When Florence was just excited to be eating so much delicious British food.

    Florence drinking a juice box and eating food

    You can watch the full moment here:

    View this video on YouTube

    Vogue / Via

    6. When she arrived on the Black Widow set and immediately started making fun of Natasha's superhero pose, and that's how Yelena doing the same thing ended up in the film.

    Florence explaining she was "taking the piss out of" Scarlett's pose and Scarlett saying, "10 years of work, flush it down the toilet"

    7. When Flo practiced Yelena's superhero landing pose alongside Michaela McAllister, her stunt double.

    8. When she knew how to ~relax~ in between scenes while filming Midsommar.

    9. When she let everyone know how to pronounce her last name...

    Like if you were pretending to have a shoot out and you make all the noises yourself.."Pew PEW pew pew" *reloads gun* "pewpewpewpew"...Pugh.

    @Florence_Pugh / Via Twitter: @Florence_Pugh

    ...and it has led to some incredible memes over the years.

    @bettyscardigann / Via Twitter: @bettyscardigann

    10. When Florence explained who her acting heroes are and the types of performances she looked up to while growing up.

    Florence explaining that she loved Viola Davis, Kate Winslet, and Natalie Portman growing up because she "loved normal faces and expressions"

    11. When she showed everyone how to make her favorite Sunday roast — the other day I literally described this to my friend as my "comfort video."

    Florence talking about "Shrek" and his line, "Onions have layers, ogres have layers," while cutting up an onion

    12. When she took this supersecret video with O-T Fagbenle while on the Black Widow set.

    13. When Florence told Timothée Chalamet about her love of snails and freaked out when he suggested she liked eating them too.

    Timothée asking if Florence eats snails too and her screaming, "No way," and hissing at him

    14. When she accidentally dyed her hair blue and was just perplexed how it even happened.

    Florence showing her blue hair and saying, "Hi everyone. So something happened in the shower today"

    15. When she drew this pretty spot-on portrait of Scarlett as Natasha.

    Scarlett looking at Florence's drawing and yelling, "That's so good"

    16. When she introduced a "Cooking with Flo" segment about chickpeas like this and now I go around saying, "It's cooking with Flo, bitches," hoping someone will understand the reference.

    Florence laughing and holding a knife saying, "It's cooking with Flo, bitches"

    17. When Flo literally couldn't stop laughing at Scarlett after reading this comment about Black Widow.

    Florence reading a comment that says, "I only want to see this because of David Harbour and Florence Pugh"

    18. When Florence completely gushed over Ariana Grande being a fan of Midsommar and it was adorable.

    Florence explaining messaging back and forth with Ariana Grande about "Midsommar" and her freaking out

    19. When she was hilariously offended after David Harbour and Scarlett both said she was most likely to start laughing while filming a scene.

    Florence saying, "Yeah, what the fuck?!" and David saying, "Quit yelling curse words like a sailor!"

    20. When she was just super happy to be sitting behind Scarlett while filming a freakin' Marvel movie.

    21. When Florence perfectly addressed all of the people commenting on her relationship with Zach Braff, saying, "I do not need you to tell me who I should and should not love. And I would never in my life, ever ever, tell anyone who they can and cannot love."

    22. When she was caught taking a nap where she wasn't supposed to on the Black Widow set.

    And she even had this hilarious comment about it.

    A comment from Florence reading, "Hahahahaha. Even sleepy Pugh gets in trouble"

    23. When she made ice cream for the first time and even after she picked out a really complicated recipe, she was still committed to making it.

    Florence explaining she's making peanut butter ice cream, but "it's really fucking complicated to make"

    24. When Flo kept explaining the Marvel Cinematic Universe to her mom during the Black Widow premiere in London.

    Florence saying she kept leaning over to her mom and being like, "So the reason why that's funny is because four movies ago..."

    25. And then, when she reminded everyone in the theater around her — her mom included — that there was a post-credits scene.

    Florence saying that in the screening she said, "Everybody sit down! There's a post-credits scene"

    26. When Florence was really confused why people say it's good luck when you get pooped on by a bird.

    Florence saying a bird "just shat on" her head and saying the only reason people say it's "good luck" is because "someone has to make you feel better because shit is on your head"

    27. When she perfectly described why the poop emoji is the emoji she uses the most.

    Florence saying, "Because I feel like it sums up everyone. Everyone feels a bit like a useless turd that smiles"

    28. When she had a little fun with her Black Widow poster while at the London premiere.

    29. And finally, when Flo danced with her tzatziki after proving, once again, that it's the best dip.

    Florence holding a container and dancing