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Sarah Catherine Hook And Imani Lewis From "First Kill" Might Be The Best Costars Around, And Here's The Proof

Listen, I just want to be BFFs with Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis from First Kill.

Y'all, ever since I watched all of First Kill, I've been dying — and I mean, DYING — to talk about it! The show has everything: vampires, an enemies-to-lovers romance, LGBTQ representation, hot moms, hilarious one-liners about eating moms, and so much more.

Juliette Fairmont and Calliope Burns from the show embracing, and Calliope kissing Juliette's neck

So to celebrate my new Netflix obsession, we had Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis, aka Juliette Fairmont and Calliope Burns, take our costar test to find out how well they really know each other.

Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis sitting and smiling

And seriously, I think this might be one of the best costar duos around. Their chemistry onscreen is flawless, and offscreen, they are genuinely best friends.

Both actors laughing with the text "Their first job (either acting or not)"

Like, without skipping a beat, they knew each other's birthday, favorite snack, and more.

Both actors laughing, with text such as "Your birthday is April 21, 1999" and "You like Fritos — when I'm eating them"

And they even got the "Which actor do they want to work with in the future?" question correct, and, honestly, I think they might be the first costars to get that question right.

Text: "I know yours is Denzel Washington" and "And yours is Emma Stone"

Basically, now I am absolutely obsessed with how close these two are behind the scenes AND their chemistry on First Kill.

One photo of Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis from the show and then laughing together offscreen

You can watch the full video with Sarah Catherine and Imani below:

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And be sure to watch First Kill, which is streaming now on Netflix.

Juliette Fairmont and Calliope Burns lying in bed together

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