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    Lauren Ridloff And Barry Keoghan Have Incredible Chemistry In "Eternals," So Here Are 23 Tweets About Makkari And Druig

    Lauren Ridloff and Barry Keoghan as Makkari and Druig absolutely understood the assignment.

    There are some MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Marvel's Eternals.

    Eternals is finally in theaters, and truly, all I want to talk about is how I left this movie with even more MCU characters to love.

    The cast of Eternals
    Marvel Studios


    In particular, I can't stop swooning over Makkari and Druig's absolutely adorable relationship that I was 100% not prepared for when I sat down to watch Eternals.

    Lauren Ridloff and Barry Keoghan as Makkari and Druig
    Sophie Mutevelian / Marvel


    Like, Lauren Ridloff and Barry Keoghan have some of the best chemistry in the MCU, and you can quote me on that.

    Barry and Lauren hugging on a red carpet
    David M. Benett / WireImage / Getty Images


    In fact, director Chloé Zhao revealed that Makkari and Druig weren't originally going to be together, but then she saw Lauren and Barry's chemistry.

    Makkari and Druig touching foreheads
    Marvel / Via

    Chloé explained that when Lauren and Barry met, they started to "improvise" with each other. "Sparks everywhere," she recalled. "Initially, that was not the intention. I think, really, it was from [Lauren and Barry] meeting that we saw that and went, 'Maybe we should play into it.'"

    Barry looking at Lauren and Lauren smiling on a red carpet
    Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images for Disney


    Basically, sign me up for any and all Makkari-and-Druig MCU movies going forward because I love them so much.

    Makkari looking at Druig
    Marvel / Via

    And like me, the entire internet can't stop talking about its undying love for Makkari and Druig. So I've rounded up some of the best and funniest tweets about them:

    "when you love something, you protect it." now that we're all here, this is a makkari and druig stan account #Eternals

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @noradominick

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    i think we can all agree that druig and makkari

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @ridloffarchive


    @beIovafilm / Marvel / Via Twitter: @beIovafilm


    the superior duos it’s true #Eternals

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @civiiswar


    they owned every bit of screen time they had #Eternals #Makkari #druig

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @hannahmaximoff


    ETERNALS SPOILERS #Eternals - - - - - - STOP READING NOW BESTIE - - - - - the way makkari and druig didn’t see each other for centuries but still fell into their rhythm of being flirty with each other I love them sm 😭😭😭

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @waltersndanvers


    Marvel / Via Twitter: @GeekZoneGZ


    Marvel / Via Twitter: @xgradxx


    CW: ⚠️Eternals spoilers!!⚠️ How I feel knowing the only time makkari “spoke” in #Eternals was when she screamed thinking druig was killed

    Twitter: @cartrpilar


    #Eternals Spoilers - - - - - - - Makkari's scream when she thought Ikaris killed Druig :') Yeah I'm in Pain #Makkari #Druig

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @S1utforIkaris


    no because druig really was a dick to everyone but the second he saw makkari it was all smiles LIKE ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS

    Twitter: @druigsfiIm


    druig: i hate everybody. love is meaningless. makkari: druig: hello my queen my love my moon do you need anything a blanket maybe? flowers? kisses? do you want kisses i can do that

    Twitter: @caxtws


    #eternals spoilers #Druig #Makkari - - - - - - when it’s the he hates everyone expect her trope >>>>

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @rushmannatt


    druig with makkari vs druig with everyone else

    Fox / Via Twitter: @wlwmakkari


    me: i dont have a favorite trope druig and makkari: is the "sunshine" and "is an asshole to everyone except for her" trope me: ... i have a favorite trope

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @CR0WSWRAITH


    “everyone is allowed to dislike things” WRONG nobody is allowed to dislike druig and makkari!

    Twitter: @mewmewvariant


    #Eternals spoilers . . . . . . . It’s the fact that she can feel the vibrations of him calling her his “Beautiful Beautiful Makkari” here and it just hits so much deeper😭 #Druig #Makkari

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @solflower_seeds


    // the eternals spoilers - - - - when druig says "my beautiful, beautiful makkari" and she smiles at him

    Twitter: @ETERNALTIFA


    Twitter: @LokisLaevateinn


    THEY’RE ENDGAME 😭🥰 #Eternals

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @TrandonCrunch


    my new favorite mcu couple (besides wandavision) #Druig #Makkari #Eternals

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @mcumagik


    i just think druig and makkari supremacy #Eternals

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @lowkeyinyomind


    imma need a disney+ series abt these two #Eternals

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @RMBRTHETlME


    the way the whole internet is obsessed with them, IT FEELS RIGHT #ETERNALS

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @dorksofprey