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    The "Eternals" Cast Shared Some Behind-The-Scenes Stories About Filming This Epic Marvel Movie, And I Love Them Even More Now

    Listen, I just want to hang out with every single member of the Eternals cast.

    It's finally here! Marvel's Eternals has been released after what feels like years of waiting, and now we can officially yell about this incredible cast.

    The Eternals standing in a wooded area

    So to celebrate the highly anticipated release of Eternals, we sat down with Kumail Nanjiani, Lauren Ridloff, Lia McHugh, and Don Lee to chat about filming this epic MCU movie with a game of who's who.

    Kumail, Lauren, Lia, and Dom

    And if you think their bond is close onscreen, just wait until you hear about all of the fun stuff they got up to behind the scenes.

    Like when Richard Madden and Gemma Chan would not stop laughing while filming a scene with Lia.

    Richard Madden and Gemma Chan's characters embracing in Eternals

    Meanwhile, Kumail and Lauren said that Angelina Jolie was the person to nail her stunts on the first take.

    And Kumail, Lauren, Lia, and Don were all in agreement that out of the entire Eternals cast, Salma Hayek gave the best life advice while they were on set.

    Kumail explaining how Salma gave him personal, marriage, and career advice, and Lauren saying she is just like her character Ajak

    Also, in case you're wondering, no pranks were pulled on set, but Kumail wants to know how George Clooney has had the time to pull any pranks on his sets.

    Kumail saying, "I don't know how George Clooney has time to pull pranks on set"

    You can watch our full video with the cast of Eternals below:

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    And be sure to catch Kumail, Lauren, Lia, Don, and the rest of the cast in Eternals, which is in theaters now!

    The Eternals standing in formation