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17 Details From "Parks And Rec" That'll Make You Want To Watch It All Over Again

Did you know Star-Lord makes a surprise appearance?

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2. Ben and Leslie use the same wooden box whenever they are giving each other a life-changing gift.


Ben gives Leslie a Knope 2012 pin, Leslie gives Ben a Washington Monument figurine, and finally, Ben proposes to Leslie.


8. Jerry shows Tom his ID, which reveals that his name is Garry. In the following episode, it's revealed that his name is in fact Garry.


12. Tammy 2's bookshelf foreshadows how she feels about Ron and other men. Her approved books include Woman War III and Sperm Suicide, while her rejected books include The Male Brain: It's Bigger.


13. Councilman Pillner has a napkin on his desk reading "Pillner for Pawnee" — a nod to President Bartlet from The West Wing.