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19 Details From The "Harry Potter" Movies That’ll Make You Say, “How Did I Not Notice That?”

The number seven is hidden throughout the films A LOT.

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13. In The Prisoner of Azkaban, a wizard sitting in The Leaky Cauldron is reading A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking — the wizard is played by Ian Brown, the lead singer of the band The Stone Roses.

14. In The Sorcerer's Stone, when Hagrid takes Harry to The Leaky Cauldron for the first time, you can see the sign become visible as they approach the door — the sign is hiding from Muggles on the street.

16. In The Chamber of Secrets, Hermione has a chameleon on her desk. This is foreshadowing when Polyjuice potion is used later in the film so that Harry, Ron, and Hermione can blend in with Slytherin students.


18. In Order of The Phoenix, one of the Daily Prophet newspapers shown actually has a weather forecast.

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The visible forecast days read: Day After Tomorrow, Day After The Day After Tomorrow, Day After The Day After The Day After The Day After Tomorrow, and Day After That.