Here Are 31 Times Jen And Judy From "Dead To Me" Were Simply The Best

    "I like a margarita by the pool in a plastic cup."

    🚨Warning: Spoilers ahead for Dead To Me Season 1.🚨

    1. First, when Jen and Judy first met at the grief support group:

    2. When they stayed up all night talking because they both couldn't sleep:

    3. When Jen and Judy got high on the beach together:

    4. When Jen showed Judy how she copes with grief:

    5. When Jen was mad at Judy and tried to kick her out of the grief group:

    6. When Jen told Judy that her heartache over her miscarriages was valid:

    7. When Jen was mad that Steve constantly called Judy crazy:

    8. When Charlie wanted to be the man of the house and Jen had this perfect answer:

    9. When Jen couldn't deal with Lorna and it was hysterical:

    10. When Judy had to slap herself after she started crying about Ted:

    11. When Judy had this adorable reaction to getting arrested:

    12. When Jen tried to talk to the bird that her son thought was Ted:

    13. When Judy thought her relationship with Jen was totally fine:

    14. When Jen questioned why Judy went to jail for her:

    15. When Jen wanted to find Bambi, Ted's girlfriend, and punch her:

    16. And then, when Jen and Judy found Bambi, Jen keyed her car:

    17. When Jen told Judy that she deserved better than Steve:

    18. When Jen wanted Judy to stop sleeping with Steve — forever:

    19. When Judy just wanted another margarita:

    20. When Judy had this incredible moment during the grief retreat:

    21. When Jen had this hilarious misunderstanding with Jason:

    22. And then when Jason started remembering his dead wife in the middle of sex:

    23. When Jen flipped off Charlie after he was caught selling drugs:

    24. When Jen and Judy decided that they could parent their kids together:

    25. When Judy had this truly relatable reaction:

    26. When Judy kept forgetting that she was actually the one who killed Ted:

    27. When Jen opened up to Judy about her marriage and mastectomy:

    28. When Judy didn't want to lose Jen and her kids because they had become her family:

    29. When Jen heartbreakingly couldn't say goodbye to Abe before he died:

    30. When Judy still couldn't help but compliment Jen, even when Jen was mad at her:

    31. And finally, every single time Judy said, "Hey, girl":