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    Netflix Just Dropped The First Full Trailer For "Cursed" Starring Katherine Langford — Here's What You Need To Know

    "You are not some fragile maid. You are a warrior."

    It's official — Katherine Langford's new Netflix series Cursed has a trailer and let's just say, I am super excited for it.

    Katherine Langford as Nimue coming out of a lake wielding a sword

    This marks Katherine's first Netflix project since starring as Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why.

    Cursed follows Nimue (played by Katherine), a powerful heroine with mysterious gifts who will eventually become the Lady of the Lake from the iconic Arthurian legend.


    The series is adapted from Tom Wheeler's bestselling novel of the same name.

    The series is a reimagining of the King Arthur legend and will follow Nimue as she sets out on a journey with Arthur, a young mercenary, to find Merlin and deliver a powerful and ancient sword.

    Katherine Langford as Nimue kneeling with the sword

    From just the trailer, I can already tell I would follow Nimue into any battle.

    Katherine Langford as Nimue wielding the sword in front of a crowd

    Over the course of her journey, Nimue will also become a symbol of rebellion and hope against the Red Paladin army and King Uther.

    Also, the cinematography and just size and scope of the series look absolutely breathtaking.

    Someone stepping through a forest of fire, Nimue and Arthur riding on horses, Nimue sinking in a lake, and Nimue wielding the sword on top of a large rock in the rain

    If you liked The Witcher, chances are you are going to binge-watch this just as fast.

    And, I can already see some pairings forming in this trailer and I'm ready to start shipping ASAP.

    Nimue and Arthur kissing

    Cursed will consist of 10 hourlong episodes, which will start streaming on July 17.

    Nimue gripping the word

    Alongside Katherine, Devon Terrell, who starred in Netflix's Barry, will play Arthur.


    While Gustaf Skarsgård — yes, the middle Skarsgård brother — will play Merlin.


    Teen Wolf star Daniel Sharman also appears, as well as numerous relatively new actors I will 100% die for by the end of the first season, I have no doubt.

    Honestly, I've always loved any retelling of the Arthurian legend, so I'm super excited to see this show come to life with the Lady of the Lake as a focus.

    Nimue riding on a horse with one of her friends looking concerned

    You can watch the full Cursed trailer below.

    View this video on YouTube

    Netflix / YouTube / Via

    Cursed starts streaming on Netflix on July 17.

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