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21 Cole Sprouse Tweets From Five Years Ago That Are Hilarious AF

"My name is always auto corrected to 'cold sprouts.'"

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2. When Dylan's nude photo leaked and Cole had the best comment:

@dylansprouse Cold in that bathroom huh?

3. But then Cole had this ~startling~ realization:

.@dylansprouse now they've basically seen me naked which is weird I guess.

4. When autocorrect was constantly out to get him:

My name is always auto corrected to 'cold sprouts.' #IveHadEnoughaDisShit


5. When he showed us what he does for fun in NYC:

I hate when people take photos of me being a starfish! #Invasive. Don't they know bright colors are a warning sign?

6. When final exams were getting to him and this cookie looked delicious:

You know it's finals when you see a cookie on the urinal and think "damn that looks delicious." #HowDidItGetThere

7. When someone gave him a kid and it was the wrong idea:

8. When he caught Dylan in a Spider-Man moment:

.@dylansprouse you're the hero no city deserves


9. When he had the same hairstyle as a stuffed lion:

This guy wasn't lion when he said we looked alike. #dadjokes

10. When he pointed out that his smile definitely needed some work:

Before I knew how to smile I played a wicked 2nd base in little league.

11. When he was still the same kid we all loved in Big Daddy:

'Wow Cole, you've changed so much!' No not really though.

12. When he was constantly mistaken for Dylan:

#ThingsIGetAlot Hey aren't you @dylansprouse? Yes...yes I am.


13. When he realized his hairstyle had never really changed:

"COLE WHY DID YOU GROW YOUR HAIR OUT!?" What are you guys talking about? I've had the same haircut since I was 11.

14. When he trolled Dylan in the best way possible:

15. When he warned people about what happens when he gets tickled:

It's all fun and games until someone tries to tickle me.

16. When he just wanted to wear a cape and look cool:

It's time capes became popular again. #mothafuckencapes


17. When he realized how ~weird~ he looked wearing a backpack:

Is there anyway to run with a backpack without looking like Sasquatch?

20. When he was willing to start a band with Dylan:

Are @dylansprouse and I the only Disney stars that didn't pursue a singing career? #StillTimeForOurOompaBand #Sprouse

21. And finally, when he realized that he and Dylan were closer than he thought:

@dylansprouse I just realized we have the same birthday