I Rewatched All Of "The Vampire Diaries" And I Forgot These 23 Celebs Were In It

    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star Jaz Sinclair appeared in the final season.

    1. First, long before starring in The Haunting of Hill House and Captain Marvel, Mckenna Grace played a younger version of Caroline Forbes.

    2. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star Jaz Sinclair appeared as Beatrice Bennett, a member of the Bennett coven.

    3. Before starring as Kelly Severide in Chicago Fire, Taylor Kinney appeared as Mason Lockwood, Tyler's uncle who was also a werewolf.

    4. The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan played Rose, a vampire who was originally on the run from Klaus with her friend Trevor.

    5. Long before starring as Oliver Queen on Arrow, Stephen Amell played Brady, a member of Jules' werewolf pack.

    6. Before her music career took off, Hayley Kiyoko guest starred as Megan King, Caroline and Elena's college roommate who was killed by a vampire.

    7. Firefly and Suits star Gina Torres guest-starred as Bree, a witch and one of Lexi's BFFs.

    8. Before starring on Legends of Tomorrow, Courtney Ford appeared as Vanessa Monroe, a colleague of Alaric's first wife who told everyone about the sun and moon curse.

    9. Teen Wolf and Chicago Fire star Melissa Ponzio appeared as a Mystic Falls citizen who runs into newly turned vampire Logan Fell.

    10. Before starring on The 100 and American Horror Story, Adina Porter played Nandi LaMarche, a powerful witch from New Orleans.

    11. Before appearing on Pretty Little Liars, Bianca Lawson guest-starred as Emily Bennett, a super powerful witch who worked for Katherine Pierce.

    12. US gymnast Gabby Douglas appeared in Season 4 as a girl who helped Caroline at the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant.

    13. The Nanny star Madeline Zima played Charlotte, a vampire Damon sired in New Orleans.

    14. Drake and Josh and Warehouse 13 star Allison Scagliotti played Georgie Dowling, one of Alaric's interns.

    15. Before starring on The Flash, Rick Cosnett played Dr. Wes Maxfield, a professor at Whitmore College who conducted experiments on vampires.

    16. Before appearing on Pretty Little Liars, Sean Faris played Ben McKittrick, a former Mystic High football star who was turned into a vampire by Anna.

    17. Heroes and Scandal star Jack Coleman played Bill Forbes, Caroline's dad who tortured her because she's a vampire.

    18. After starring on The O.C., Melinda Clarke played Kelly Donovan, Matt's estranged mom.

    19. Sex and the City and Black Lightning star James Remar guest-starred as Giuseppe Salvatore, Damon and Stefan's father.

    20. After starring on Eureka, Colin Ferguson played Tripp Cooke, a member of the Fell family and a vampire hunter.

    21. True Blood star Janina Gavankar appeared as Tessa aka Qetsiyah, the original witch who was in love with Silas.

    22. After starring in 7th Heaven, David Gallagher played Ray Sutton, a werewolf who was turned into one of Klaus' failed hybrids.

    23. And finally, Pretty Little Liars and Chicago Med star Torrey DeVitto played Dr. Meredith Fell, who memorably gave her patients vampire blood.

    What celebs have you spotted in TVD that you didn't notice the first time? Tell us in the comments below!