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25 "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Facts You Probably Didn't Know, But 100% Should

The cast doesn't know who's going to win the Halloween heist episodes until filming begins.

The cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine swung by San Diego Comic-Con 2019 to chat about the show and reveal some amazing behind-the-scenes secrets. Here's everything we learned:

1. First, Chelsea Peretti would always start laughing during filming. It happened so often that they just made Gina laughing part of her character.

2. And since Chelsea left, Melissa Fumero is usually the one to break character the most on set.

3. With the show now on NBC, they are able to bleep out curse words, which is something Fox never let them do.

4. Terry Crews said Season 6 featured him saying the "dirtiest thing ever" that was bleeped.

5. For the Halloween heist episodes, the cast doesn't know who's going to win until they start filming.

6. Dan said that when casting the show, everyone felt "very confident" that Jake and Amy would become a beloved couple.

7. In fact, when they did a screening for an audience before the series even premiered, Jake and Amy's chemistry tested "through the roof."

8. They actually filmed a different cold open for the second episode of the series that ended up not working. The scene featured Jake and Amy pursuing a criminal into a library and arguing.

9. Dan's favorite cold open is when Terry had the tarantula crawling on his head.

10. Melissa's favorite cold open is when Charles thinks the gang is talking about the oldest person they slept with.

11. And Terry's favorite cold open is when Jake returns from Florida with frosted tips.

12. Andy said that the coffee cold open relied "heavily on editing," which was rare for the show.

13. Joe Lo Truglio said the cold open where Boyle keeps coming in wearing different costumes originally featured a moment where Charles starts making fun of himself.

14. The cast affectionately calls Joe "Butt McGee" when he starts riffing during a scene and doesn't know when to stop.

15. One storyline the writers have been debating is whether or not to reveal more of Rosa's mysterious backstory.

16. Terry said being painted gold for the Season 6 Cinco de Mayo heist hurt. He ended up being allergic to the clothes he had to wear.

17. An earlier draft of the #MeToo episode featured a "sunnier ending," but the cast pushed for it to not have a "cut and dry" solution.

18. Terry was shocked over how heavy Cheddar actually was when he had to carry him in an episode.

19. While filming the pilot, the cast clicked instantly and acted as though they had known each other longer than "a few days."

20. Joe's favorite Boyle and Jake moment is when they think it's their last ride together and start to cry.

21. An episode that they've been talking about for "four years" has been Holt and Kevin's vow renewal ceremony.

22. While a lot of Terry's real-life has been incorporated into his character, he joked that he doesn't wear suspenders IRL.

23. If you go back and rewatch Season 6, you'll notice that Jake and Amy never kiss during the season.

24. Season 7 will feature an episode about the Jimmy Jab Games again — the games were last seen in Season 2.

25. And finally, one idea from Season 1 that the writers haven't worked into the show yet is simply "Jake loves honey mustard."