23 "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Facts That'll Make You Say "OMG, What?!"

    Captain Holt's "hot damn" was completely improvised!

    1. First, Andy Samberg and Chelsea Peretti went to elementary school together — in fact, Chelsea had a crush on Andy growing up.

    2. Stephanie Beatriz originally auditioned for the role of Amy Santiago — she and Melissa Fumero were being considered at the same time.

    3. Part of the audition process for each of the characters involved being able to improv with Andy.

    4. The cast has a special method for getting the funniest material out of every scene — they film what's scripted a few times and then they improvise that same scene. Whatever gets the biggest laughs makes the final cut.

    5. In fact, Captain Holt's iconic "hot damn" moment was completely improvised by Andre Braugher.

    6. Rosa's bisexuality storyline was based, in part, on Stephanie's own life experiences.

    7. Gina Rodriguez gave up her vacation to appear in the episode about Rosa's bisexuality and shot all of her scenes in a single day.

    8. Andy's first job in TV was as a production assistant on the show Spin CityBrooklyn Nine-Nine now films on the same lot.

    9. Melissa Fumero was a professional dancer until her late 20s. In fact, one of her first jobs was teaching a ballet class.

    10. Terry Crews's first job was drawing courtroom sketches for the worst murder case in Flint, Michigan's history — he was just 18 years old.

    11. In fact, before he started acting or playing football, Terry sent his sketches to Disney in hopes of landing a job.

    12. When creator Mike Schur first pitched the show, there was a bidding war for it among the four major networks.

    13. The cast was approached about the project without there being a script — simply knowing that the project was from the creators of Parks and Recreation was enough.

    14. The cast had to undergo police and firearms safety training before filming began on the series.

    15. During long days of filming, Terry would scream "Nine Nine!" in order to get the cast excited — the chant was later written into the series.

    16. Also, Andy would say "Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool" between takes to make the cast laugh — the writers then made it one of Jake's signature catchphrases.

    17. During the cold open when Boyle told everyone about the oldest woman he had slept with, Andy couldn't keep a straight face while filming, so his genuine reaction made the final cut.

    18. Chelsea Peretti said one of the hardest scenes to get through without laughing was when Captain Holt was boring the squad at the beach house.

    19. The "title of your sex tape" joke is something that the cast consistently does whenever they're together, on- and offscreen.

    20. Andre counts how many times he breaks character while filming every season — during Season 3, he broke 13 times, his record at the time.

    21. For the episode where Jake and Rosa end up in jail, they actually filmed in an abandoned jail outside of Los Angeles.

    22. The voice that says "Fremulon" during Brooklyn Nine-Nine's closing credits belongs to Nick Offerman.

    23. Finally, some of the props that are used on Brooklyn Nine-Nine are actually old props from Parks and Recreation.