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    Brie Larson Just Revealed What It Was Like To Audition For "Captain Marvel" And How It Helped Her Self-Confidence

    "I'm too much of an introvert. That's way too big of a thing for me."

    Brie Larson — you know, Oscar winner, superhero, and overall badass — recently started sharing stories about auditioning on her YouTube channel, and I'm absolutely loving it.

    In a two-part series, Brie went through what a typical audition was like and movies she's auditioned for and didn't get, like Pitch Perfect, Iron Man 2, and Juno, just to name a few.

    Brie saying "That's a lot of heartbreak, folks. Here I am, still standing"

    And in the most recent video, she went into detail about what it was like to audition for Captain Marvel and how she ended up making the massive decision to star in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.

    Brie got a call about Captain Marvel when she was filming Kong: Skull Island and revealed that her immediate instinct was to tell Marvel no.

    Brie saying, "So, tell them no."

    She said that she recalled thinking, "Oh, I can't do that. I have too much anxiety. That's too much for me. I don't think I could handle that."

    Several months later, Marvel reached out again, saying that they were really interested, but once again, Brie wasn't sure she could handle the pressure of being part of such a massive franchise.

    Brie saying, "It was beyond my comprehension"

    Eventually she simply went to a meeting with Marvel, where she was pitched the movie and shown the early designs for Captain Marvel's costume.

    Brie remembers being "really moved" by what Marvel wanted to achieve with this movie. She said, "I was very surprised by the way that they were talking about feminism and the way they were handling it."

    But before she formally accepted the role, Brie wanted to meet the writers and make sure she believed in the story, because if she said yes, this was "a whole level of fame [she] never expected to participate in."

    Brie came out of the meeting being so excited about Carol's story and feeling like she believed in the role. She remembers standing in her dining room and having a moment of recognition, like, "Oh my god, I'm gonna do this."

    Looking back on it, Brie's happy that she worked up the courage to say yes, and she said that taking the role was a huge step toward more self-confidence.

    To this day, one of Brie's favorite memories is when she was announced as Captain Marvel onstage at Comic-Con. It was then that she realized how important this movie would be to fans.

    Basically, I'm so happy that Brie is Carol Danvers, and I can't imagine anyone else bringing this role to life.

    You can check out the full video where Brie discusses Captain Marvel and roles she auditioned for below.

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