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    31 "Bridgerton" Reactions About Kate And Anthony That Are Funny, Wholesome, And Prove They Have The Best Chemistry

    Anthony saying "You are the bane of my existence" to Kate in Bridgerton Season 2 is the new "I burn for you."

    🚨 There are obviously MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Bridgerton Season 2! 🚨

    Okay, so for the past few weeks, all I've been thinking about is Bridgerton Season 2.

    The Bridgerton children peeking through a door

    Namely, I cannot stop thinking about, talking about, and watching Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton's enemies-to-lovers romance.

    Kate and Anthony in an intimate embrace

    Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey have some of the best chemistry on TV right now as they beautifully and perfectly brought Kate and Anthony's irresistible romance from Julia Quinn's book, The Viscount Who Loved Me, to screen.

    Anthony telling Kate "You are the bane of my existence. And the object of all my desires"

    I mean, c'mon! The way they look at each other throughout the season is hotter than any sex scene. I said what I said.

    Multiple scenes of Kate and Anthony giving each other smoldering looks

    And just like me, everyone on the internet is obsessed with Kate and Anthony (and Simone and Jonathan). So, here are some of the funniest and most wholesome tweets about our new favorite Bridgerton couple:


    #Bridgerton season 2 is so goddamn glorious! Kate & Anthony's enemies-to-lovers trope is *chef's kiss*. The slow burn. The angst. The looks of longing. The banters. The "you vex me" & "I hate you". The "you are the bane of my existence". My god, beautiful. Just beautiful.

    @marienporfavor / Netflix / Via Twitter: @marienporfavor


    enemies to lovers will just always hit like sorry to the other tropes but she’s that girl <3 #bridgerton

    @JulesLevz / Netflix / Via Twitter: @JulesLevz


    The way Anthony Bridgerton literally walks through the rain in the early morning to propose to Kate Sharma is absolutely Mr. Darcy behaviour.

    @itwasglorious_ / Via Twitter: @itwasglorious_


    nobody: literally nobody: Kate and Anthony whenever they were in a room together: #Bridgerton #bridgerton2

    @widowofiron / Via Twitter: @widowofiron


    kate & anthony whenever they’re in the same room #Bridgerton

    @ghafasbrekkers / FX / Via Twitter: @ghafasbrekkers


    anthony bridgerton: says he's a gentleman also anthony: undresses kate with his eyes at the dinner table right in front of everyone

    @jonnybaeley / Netflix / Via Twitter: @jonnybaeley


    he literally did this in front of everybody’s salad… #Bridgerton #bridgertonS2

    @K3ZLYN2 / Netflix / Via Twitter: @K3ZLYN2


    I want someone to look at me the way Anthony Bridgerton looks at Kate Sharma as she walks down the aisle at his wedding to her sister.

    @itwasglorious_ / Netflix / Via Twitter: @itwasglorious_


    we don’t talk enough about how kate & anthony lock eyes and kiss while looking deeply into each other’s eyes. it’s just so soft and so sensual ♥️ #kanthony #bridgerton #kathony

    @jelevision / Netflix / Via Twitter: @jelevision


    it's always "wyd" and never "you have bewitched me body and soul" or "you are the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires"

    @earthmuses / Universal Pictures / Netflix / Via Twitter: @earthmuses



    @jesstfrancis / HBO / Via Twitter: @jesstfrancis


    anthony bridgerton said “i am not a man of poetry” and then turned around and delivered “you are the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires. night and day i dream of you” all men do is lie

    @lastpages_ / Via Twitter: @lastpages_


    my serotonin levels spike whenever kate and anthony bicker and insult each other #Bridgerton #bridgertonseason2

    @peetapcrker / Netflix / Via Twitter: @peetapcrker


    The excitement on Kate's face when she saw the Bridgerton siblings argue about the pall mall game 😂 she truly was meant to be one of them since the beginning #Bridgerton

    @dragonevenstar / Netflix / Via Twitter: @dragonevenstar


    Ok but can we talk about Simone Ashley’s EMOTIONAL RANGE as Kate Sharma? This was her first time as leading lady and she CRUSHED it 👸🏾 Just BEAUTIFUL I’m unwell 😭😭😭 She better get an Emmy #Bridgerton

    @kathonysbee / Netflix / Via Twitter: @kathonysbee


    HER EYES?:!.!.?.!.!.!.! simone ashley is a disney princess

    @spideyshuris / Netflix / Via Twitter: @spideyshuris


    anthony bridgerton feeling joy at seeing kate sharma happy, even if he’s just experienced the heartbreak of being rejected by the woman he loves

    @kathanisharma / Netflix / Via Twitter: @kathanisharma


    if i was anthony bridgerton id be obsessed with kate too the fuck. one look into simone ashley’s eyes and im dropping to my knees

    @bigbrothwhore / Netflix / Via Twitter: @bigbrothwhore


    We don't talk about Kathony's Wrecking Ball dance and more specifically this part of the dance right here!!! #Bridgerton #kathony

    @kathonytulips / Netflix / Via Twitter: @kathonytulips


    this 5 second scene had no reason being this hot oh my #Kanthony #Bridgerton

    @dailykanthony / Netflix / Via Twitter: @dailykanthony


    The bee scene was insane never seen anything like it... them both running away and having to catch their breath??? Literally held my breath through the whole scene #Bridgerton

    @leighzmad / Netflix / Via Twitter: @leighzmad


    This will NEVER not be funny to me 🤣😂 #Bridgerton #Kanthony

    @Kathony1814 / Netflix / Via Twitter: @Kathony1814


    daphne everytime she sees anthony with kate #Bridgerton

    @gabrielaidan_ / ABC / Via Twitter: @gabrielaidan_


    the ship the biggest shiper #Bridgerton #bridgerton2

    @goldenfangirl_ / Netflix / Via Twitter: @goldenfangirl_


    the way anthony bridgerton served the obsessed boy trope so well is everything to me

    @fIeursdumal / Netflix / Via Twitter: @fIeursdumal


    kate sharma saying 'i could not allow it' regarding anthony proposing and then anthony bridgerton saying 'you do not have to...allow it, knowing you, you probably will not' about him telling kate he loves her. makes me want to scream.

    @kathanisharma / Via Twitter: @kathanisharma


    2 minute scene and it ate up the entirety of szn 1 #Bridgerton #bridgertonseason2

    @J4NESAUSTEN / Netflix / Via Twitter: @J4NESAUSTEN


    Oh boy, Anthony really went from "i never got your name" to being the only person who knows/says her full name 🥺😭 . #Bridgerton #Kanthony @bridgerton

    @tulipssandbees / Netflix / Via Twitter: @tulipssandbees


    @starkerwiitch / Netflix / Via Twitter: @starkerwiitch


    Jonathan gave Simone a bee bracelet 🥹🐝 #Kanthony #Bridgerton

    @swaying_daisies / Vogue / Via Twitter: @swaying_daisies


    me explaining to the writers why married, domestic kanthony need a big subplot in season 3 and how I expect to see them as much as we did the featherington’s in S2. #bridgerton #kanthony

    @jolangfrds / Via Twitter: @jolangfrds

    What were your favorite Kate and Anthony moments in Bridgerton Season 2? Tell us in the comments below!