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12 TV Love Triangles That Ruined Their Shows And 12 That Made Their Shows Iconic

You can't deny that Stefan, Damon, and Elena were epic.

🚨Warning: There are some massive spoilers ahead!🚨

1. First, the love triangle between Olivia, Fitz, and Jake from Scandal was one of the many reasons this show became so memorable.

Fitz showing Liv the house he built for her and Jake telling Liv that he wants to "stand in the sun" with her

2. But Pam, Jim, and Karen from The Office being in one was kind of unnecessary considering Karen was treated so poorly.

3. Listen, Addison's entrance on Grey's Anatomy was absolutely iconic and her love triangle with Derek and Meredith was one of the reasons Season 2 was the best.

Addison arriving and telling Meredith, "And you must be the woman who's been screwing my husband"

4. But Izzie, Callie, and George from Grey's Anatomy 100% did not need to be in a love triangle and it was just awkward.

George telling Callie he slept with Izzie and George and Izzie in bed together

5. Devi's adorable love triangle with Paxton and Ben on Never Have I Ever is one of my favorite storylines of 2020 so far.

Devi kissing Ben while Paxton leaves a message on her phone seeing if she wanted to hang out

6. But Eric choosing to be with Adam, who bullied him, instead of sweet Rahim on Sex Education was a mistake.

Rahim watching Eric and Adam onstage

7. Jane, Rafael, and Michael from Jane the Virgin had one of those love triangles where you could see Jane ending up with either one and being happy about it.

Jane and Michael on their wedding day and Jane and Rafael on theirs

8. But Artie trying to get Brittany back on Glee after they broke up and she clearly liked Santana was just odd.

9. Rory, Jess, and Dean from Gilmore Girls are still considered one of the most memorable love triangles on TV.

Jess explaining to Dean that he bought Rory's basket so they get to have lunch together

10. But Lorelai sleeping with Christopher after a fight with Luke was one of the worst storylines on Gilmore Girls.

11. The Lucas, Peyton, and Brooke love triangle from One Tree Hill is so important to the early season, and I genuinely enjoyed both relationships.

Lucas telling Peyton "It's you" and Lucas telling Brooke that he can tell her why he loves her all night while standing in the rain

12. But Omar cheating on Ander (who had cancer) with Malick was hands down the worst plot line on Elite.

Omar and Ander lying in bed together, then Omar leaving with Malick at a party

13. Dawson, Joey, and Pacey's love triangle on Dawson's Creek defined an entire generation and tbh, I loved it.

Pacey telling Joey "I remember everything" and Dawson and Joey kissing on the swings

14. But Spencer and Caleb dating after the time jump on Pretty Little Liars was unnecessary because Hanna and Caleb were always endgame.

15. Riverdale managed to turn the Archie comics love triangle on its head by giving us Archie, Betty, and Jughead, and it has been a great and wild ride.

Jughead telling Betty, "From now on, we're partners" and Betty and Archie kissing

16. But Archie dating Josie on Riverdale wasn't necessary because it was simply to keep Veronica and Archie away from each other for a little while.

Veronica telling Archie, "Because we're endgame" and Archie and Josie almost kissing

17. Insecure is an incredible show because it's able to tell such authentic stories, like the love triangle between Issa, Lawrence, and Daniel, which was iconic.

18. But Ian dating Trevor on Shameless was messy considering Ian ended up cheating on Trevor with Mickey, who he always loved.

19. Kate, Jack, and Sawyer from Lost were so memorable, and honestly, Kate had undeniable chemistry with both of them.

Jack telling Kate he loves her and Kate and Sawyer cuddling

20. But Eve and Villanelle from Killing Eve have the best chemistry on TV right now, and having Niko in the middle of them for this long is just wildly unnecessary.

21. Liza, Charles, and Josh's love triangle on Younger is one where I keep changing my mind on who Liza should end up, so that's how you know it's good.

Liza looking longingly after Josh and Charles coming up behind her and saying, "Memories?"

22. But Robin, Barney, and Ted's love triangle on How I Met Your Mother got super boring and I can't even explain how mad I am that Robin ended up with Ted after everything.

Barney and Robin getting married and Ted showing up to Robin's apartment with the blue French horn in the future

23. Whether you wanted Elena with Stefan or Damon on The Vampire Diaries, you can't deny that their love triangle was epic.

24. But Rachel and Joey dating on Friends was absolutely wild, considering we all knew Ross and Rachel would end up together eventually.

Ross walking in on Rachel and Joey kissing and saying he's fine

What love triangles did you absolutely love and which did you hate? Tell us in the comments below!