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    31 Of The Most Romantic TV Moments That Actually Don't Include "I Love You"

    "No one writes songs about the ones that come easy."

    There are a ton of memorable "I love you" TV scenes, but somehow there is nothing more romantic than a character saying "I love you," just without using those exact words. So, here are some iconic TV couple moments that don't feature those three words:

    🚨There are obviously some MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. On Schitt's Creek, when Patrick serenaded David with "Simply the Best."

    2. On Gilmore Girls, when Jess looked up how far away Yale was from Stars Hollow.

    Jess telling Rory that Yale is only 22.8 miles from Stars Hollows and Rory getting emotional that he looked it up

    3. On Grey's Anatomy, when Meredith built Derek a house made out of candles.

    Meredith showing Derek what each room of their future house is and telling Derek that she's going to try and trust him again

    4. Also on Grey's Anatomy, when Mark told Lexie that she didn't break him, she put him back together.

    5. On This Is Us, when Randall told Beth that her voice was his favorite sound of all time.

    Beth asking Randall if he hears her, and Randall saying, "Do I hear you? You're my favorite sound in the world. Of course I hear you"

    6. On One Tree Hill, when Lucas finally realized that Peyton was the one after winning the state championship.

    Lucas telling Peyton, "When all my dreams come true, the one I want next too me. It's you. It's you, Peyton"

    7. On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., when Fitz gave Simmons the oxygen mask when they were about to die.

    Fitz telling Jemma that she is more than just a friend, but he couldn't find the courage to tell her

    8. On Euphoria, when Rue told Jules that she's the best thing that has happened to her in a long time.

    Rue asking Jules to forgive her for being so worried and anxious

    9. On Friday Night Lights, when Tami told Eric that no matter what happens, she will always be with him.

    Tami telling Eric, "No matter what happens, no matter where you go, no matter what you do, I'm always gonna be behind you"

    10. On Lucifer, when Lucifer told Chloe that she deserved someone as good as her.

    Lucifer telling Chloe that she deserves someone who knows her completely

    11. On Shadowhunters, when Alec ran back down the aisle to kiss Magnus in front of his friends and family.

    12. On Arrow, when Oliver remembered that Felicity was chewing on a red pen the first time they met.

    Oliver telling Felicity that she's the first person he saw as a person when he returned to Starling City

    13. On The Walking Dead, when Rick brought Michonne mints instead of toothpaste.

    14. On Wynonna Earp, when Nicole said that she would always stand by Waverly, no matter what.

    Nicole telling Waverly, "I know that going down this road is really important to you and as long as you want me, I will be by your side"

    15. On The Good Place, when Chidi wrote himself a note so he could remember that Eleanor is the most important person in his life.

    Chidi's note that says, "There is no 'answer,' but Eleanor is the answer"

    16. On The Vampire Diaries, when Klaus intended to be Caroline's last great love.

    Klaus telling Caroline, "He's your first love. I intend to be your last, however long it takes"

    17. On Glee, when Santana tried to express her feelings for Brittany by singing "Landslide."

    18. On Veronica Mars, when Logan told Veronica that he thought their story would be epic.

    Logan telling Veronica that he thought their love story would span years and be epic

    19. On Elite, when Nadia promised to come back for Guzmán.

    20. On Scandal, when Fitz showed Olivia the house he had built for them in Vermont.

    Fitz telling Liv that he wanted her to see the house before he sells it. He wanted her to see "the dream"

    21. On Killing Eve, when Eve revealed that when she thinks about the future, all she sees is Villanelle.

    Eve telling Villanelle that all she sees is Villanelle's face and Villanelle joking that it's a beautiful face

    22. On Teen Wolf, when Stiles and Lydia reunited after Stiles vanished from existence.

    Lydia telling Stiles, "I didn't say it back"

    23. On The Flash, when Barry sang "Runnin' Home to You" for Iris before proposing.

    24. On Dawson's Creek, when Pacey told Joey that he remembered everything she has ever told him.

    25. On Once Upon a Time, when Hook told Emma that she was his happy ending.

    26. On Lost, when Charlie brought Claire a jar of fictional peanut butter.

    27. On One Day at a Time, when Elena and Syd promised to protect each other.

    28. On How to Get Away with Murder, when Oliver and Connor got married, and Oliver sang "All of Me."

    29. On Game of Thrones, when Grey Worm confessed to Missandei that she's his ultimate weakness.

    Grey Worm telling Missandei that he never had fear, until he met her

    30. On The 100, when Lexa knelt before Clarke and promised to protect her people.

    31. And finally, on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Jake read Harry Potter because he knew Amy loved them.

    Jake making a "Harry Potter" reference while working a case and telling Amy he started reading the books

    What are some other romantic TV moments that are even better than saying "I love you"? Tell us in the comments below!