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51 TV Couple Moments That Are So Good, They Might Be The Best Of 2020

"You are my best friend...and the love of my life."

1. First, on Normal People, when Connell told Marianne that he would never feel the same way about anyone else.

Connell telling Marianne that he will always love her

2. On The Good Place, when Chidi and Eleanor spent one last night together before Chidi left the Good Place.

Chidi telling Eleanor about a wave and how it's just another way for water to be for a minute

3. On Schitt's Creek, when David and Patrick got married and it was simply the best.

Patrick reciting his vows to David and saying that David will always be part of him

4. And on Schitt's Creek, when Alexis and Ted heartbreakingly decided to break up, but not before saying that they loved each other.

Alexis and Ted saying I love you and saying that they are proud of each other

5. On Rue's Euphoria special episode, when Rue envisioned what it would've been like if she ran away with Jules.

Rue and Euphoria kissing in bed

6. On Lucifer, when Chloe and Lucifer FINALLY got together after Chloe chose to be vulnerable around Lucifer too.

Chloe telling Lucifer that she chooses to be vulnerable with him and then they kiss

7. On The Haunting of Bly Manor, when Jamie told Dani that she loved her inside their flower shop.

Jamie telling Dani that she loves her and kissing her

8. Also on The Haunting of Bly Manor, when Dani proposed to Jamie and said that she wanted to spend whatever time she had left with her.

Dani saying that she knows she and Jamie can't get legally married, but she wants to be with her forever

9. And on The Haunting of Bly Manor, when Hannah told Owen that she always loved him.

Hannah saying that she envisioned their life together and that she loves him

10. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Amy gave birth to her and Jake's son and Jake said he was proud of her.

Amy saying that she's proud their son has Jake as a dad

11. On Grey's Anatomy, when Meredith and Derek reunited in a beach dream sequence after Meredith was unconscious due to having COVID-19.

Meredith and Derek smiling at each other

12. And on Grey's Anatomy, when Link told Amelia that she made him "want to write love songs in the rain."

Link saying that he wants to be with Amelia no matter what and Amelia saying that the baby is his

13. On Arrow, when Oliver and Felicity reunited in a paradise dimension, which resembled where Oliver first saw Felicity.

Felicity and Oliver kissing and Felicity saying it's nice that they are reunited after all this time

14. On Killing Eve, when Villanelle and Eve crossed paths for the first time since Season 2 and kissed.

Villanelle arriving on the bus, Eve and Villanelle fighting, and the two of them kissing

15. And on Killing Eve, when Villanelle asked Eve to walk away and never turn back, but both of them couldn't do that.

Villanelle and Eve standing back to back on the bridge and walking away from each other

16. On Never Have I Ever, when Devi and Ben had their first kiss, and Paxton called Devi at the exact same time.

Devi and Ben texting and Paxton leaving Devi a message saying he wanted to hang out

17. On Wynonna Earp, when Waverly adorably proposed to Nicole again.

Waverly asking Nicole, "Will you marry me?"

18. On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., when Fitz and Simmons FINALLY reunited with each other and their daughter.

Jemma crying and hugging her daughter and Fitz smiling and watching

19. And on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., when Daisy and Sousa kissed for the first time.

Daisy telling Sousa that she needs something, then kissing him

20. On Dead to Me, when Judy and Michelle kissed in the photo booth.

Judy and Michelle posing in a photo booth then kissing

21. On Insecure, when Issa and Lawrence reconnected and Lawrence said he's trying to find what makes him happy.

Issa asking Lawrence if he's happy and him saying that he's getting there

22. On Julie and the Phantoms, when Willie and Alex adorably hung out in a museum together.

Willie and Alex holding hands

23. On Riverdale, when Betty and Archie kissed while performing "Origin of Love" from Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Archie and Betty kissing

24. On Lovecraft Country, when Tic said he wished he had a lifetime to spend with Leti and their unborn child.

Leti saying that Tic has to believe that they will all be okay

25. On Criminal Minds, when Luke asked out Garcia since they weren't going to be working together anymore.

Luke asking Garcia to dinner

26. On Virgin River, when Jack and Mel kissed for the first time on her front porch.

Mel and Jack kissing

27. On High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, when Ricky said that he's always loved Nini.

Ricky listing off all the moments when he knew he loved Nini

28. On Chicago Fire, when Casey and Brett finally kissed, but Brett questioned whether Casey still had feelings for Gabby.

Brett and Casey kissing and Brett asking if Gabby came back to Chicago, would Casey go be with her instead

29. On Motherland: Fort Salem, when Scylla professed her love and asked Raelle to believe her.

Scylla telling Raelle that she needs Raelle to trust her and that she loves her

30. On The Flash, when Iris was stuck in the mirror dimension and she promised to get back to Barry, and Barry did the same.

Barry saying that he will keep fighting to bring Iris home and Iris saying that she's going to find a way home

31. On One Day at a Time, when Avery revealed to Schneider that she was pregnant.

32. On Shameless, when Mickey and Ian got married and it was adorable.

Ian and Mickey saying their vows and kissing at their wedding

33. On Elite, when Nadia called Guzmán and promised that she would come back for him.

Nadia telling Guzman on the phone, "I promise I'll come back for you"

34. On The Boys, when Hughie and Annie sang Billy Joel together while on a road trip.

35. On Outer Banks, when John B. and Sarah kissed in the rain after spending the entire day together.

John B. saying that what he has with Sarah is rare and he can't forget about it

36. On Sex Education, when Maeve confessed to Otis that she liked him, even though Otis was dating Ola at the time.

Maeve saying that she liked Otis and Otis saying he got over her

37. On Teenage Bounty Hunters, when Sterling and April kissed for the first time.

Sterling apologizing for kissing April then April locking the door and kissing Sterling back

38. On The 100, when Clarke reunited with a version of Lexa, and tbh, it was emotional.

Clarke and Lexa hugging

39. On We Are Who We Are, when Fraser and Caitlin adorably made their way back to each other and kissed.

40. On Roswell, New Mexico, when Max remembered Liz and told her the moment he knew that he loved her.

Max telling Liz, "I am not better off without you. I am not whole without you"

41. Also on Roswell, New Mexico, when Alex sang a song he wrote in the bar, and Michael hoped that someday they would find their way back to each other.

Michael telling Isobel that he has to walk away from Alex but he hopes they will get back together

42. On Station 19, when Maya told Carina that she loved her and asked for her forgiveness after she cheated on her.

Maya telling Carina that she loves her and promises to earn her trust back and Teddy urging Carina to forgive Maya

43. On Batwoman, when Sophie kissed Batwoman and didn't know that it was actually Kate under the mask.

Sophie telling Batwoman that she loves her job but she would throw it all away for Kate and then the two of them kissing

44. On The Bold Type, when Richard and Sutton finally got married.

45. On She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, when Catra saved Adora and then they professed their love for each other.

Catra saving Adora and then revealing that she loves her and Adora doing the same

46. On Grand Army, when Dom adorably asked John Ellis to prom with a cute proposal.

Dom spelling out "Prom?" with rose petals

47. On Feel Good, when Mae said she felt like she'd been running her entire life, until she met George.

Mae telling George that all her life she felt like she's been running, but George makes her feel "still"

48. On Emily in Paris, when Gabriel and Emily kissed before Gabriel was going to leave.

Emily telling Gabriel that she didn't want the last thing they did before he left was fight and then they kiss

49. On Love, Victor, when Victor kissed Benji while they were on a work trip together.

Victor kissing Benji and then apologizing

50. On Good Trouble, when Dennis listened to his heart and kissed Davia.

Dennis telling Davia that everyone is saying he shouldn't trust his feelings right now, but he doesn't care

51. And finally, on Legends of Tomorrow, when Ray and Nora adorably got married before they eventually left the Waverider to start their lives together.

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