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37 Of The Best "Friends" Moments That Happened Inside Monica's Apartment

"I'm Chandler, could I BE wearing anymore clothes?"

1. First, when the gang welcomed Rachel into the real world during the pilot episode.

2. When everyone, except Chandler, hung out during the citywide blackout.

3. When the entire gang iconically played poker.

4. When Rachel learned that Ross liked her after Chandler let it slip.

5. And then, when Ross found out that Rachel was over him.

6. When Phoebe proclaimed that Ross was Rachel's lobster.

7. When Joey wore everything Chandler owned and then did some lunges.

8. When they used the giant poking device to check on Ugly Naked Guy.

9. When Ross and Rachel decided to take a break.

10. And then, when Ross and Rachel ~officially~ broke up and everyone else was trapped in Monica's room.

11. When Ross revealed that he didn't actually read Rachel's 18-page — front and back — letter.

12. When Chandler stayed in the box on Thanksgiving after kissing Kathy.

13. When Monica showed Chandler the seven erogenous zones.

14. When Monica, Rachel, Chandler, and Joey played the trivia game for the apartment.

15. And then, when Joey and Chandler moved in after winning.

16. When Phoebe found out that she was pregnant.

17. When Rachel put on her old cheerleading uniform in order to get Joshua's attention.

18. When Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe wore wedding dresses in the living room.

19. When Joey got the turkey stuck on his head on Thanksgiving.

20. When Ross came home wearing his "paste pants."

21. When Chandler and Monica didn't know that Phoebe and Rachel knew.

22. When Monica realized that she had to live with a boy after Rachel moved out.

23. When Rachel accidentally put beef in the trifle.

24. When literally every secret came out during Thanksgiving.

25. When Chandler reused a Valentine's Day gift for Monica that Janice gave to him.

26. When Monica and Chandler adorably got engaged.

27. When Phoebe revealed where her grandmother got her infamous cookie recipe.

28. When Ross dressed up as the Holiday Armadillo.

29. When Ross played the bagpipes for everyone and Phoebe sang along.

30. When Monica, Phoebe, and Joey found out that Ross was the father of Rachel's baby.

31. When Will came over for Thanksgiving dinner and revealed the rumor he started with Ross.

32. When Chandler uncovered Monica's secret closet.

33. When a pigeon called to apologize for scaring Phoebe, causing her to drop the lottery tickets.

34. When Ross got a spray tan and showed Monica and Chandler.

35. When Monica and Chandler found out that they were officially adopting a baby.

36. When Rachel said her emotional goodbye to Monica before moving to Paris.

37. And finally, when they all said goodbye to the apartment and left their keys behind.

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