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    Here Are 21 Times April Kepner Was Literally A "Grey's Anatomy" Superhero

    "I am a soldier!"

    1. First, when she was willing to run headfirst into an explosion to save Jackson:

    2. When she fought this guy when he questioned why she got a job instead of him:

    3. When she gave this heartbreaking monologue about herself when there was a shooter in the hospital:

    4. And then, when she sat with Meredith while Cristina operated on Derek after he was shot:

    5. When she stood up for herself after people made fun of her for being a virgin:

    6. When she refused to back down from a challenge:

    7. When she finally had the courage to admit her feelings for Jackson:

    8. When she was the literal embodiment of Supergirl when she tried to save a patient trapped in a crushed car:

    9. When she wasn't letting anyone get in the way of her saving a patient:

    10. When she didn't apologize to Jackson for changing and fighting for their marriage:

    11. When she dealt with the heartbreaking diagnosis and death of her first child, Samuel:

    12. And then, when she put herself first while she grieved his death:

    13. When she signed the divorce papers at Jackson's request, even though she was pregnant:

    14. When she celebrated her differences:

    15. When she was always there for her friends, no matter what:

    16. When she became a kickass army surgeon and teacher:

    17. When she wasn't afraid to be different from the other surgeons:

    18. When she freakin' gave birth on Meredith's dining room table and put her unborn child's life before her own:

    19. When she was done hearing from people and needed some time alone:

    20. When she wasn't afraid to get a little ~unconventional~ with her teaching methods:

    21. And finally, when she realized that the world can be cruel, but happiness was worth fighting for: