27 Andrew Garfield Behind-The-Scenes Moments That Prove He Is Genuinely One Of The Best People In Hollywood

    Andrew Garfield really just loved being Spider-Man.

    1. First, when Andrew Garfield visited a London charity called Kids' City dressed as Spider-Man and played basketball with a bunch of children.

    Andrew running on a playground in his Spider-Man suit alongside some children

    2. When he started crying while talking about his mother's death and said his tears and sadness are "unexpressed love" and he hopes his grief stays with him forever.

    Andrew saying his crying is just all the unexpressed love that is still left after his mother died

    3. And then, when he explained how playing Jonathan Larson in Tick, Tick...Boom! allowed him to honor his mother and begin to heal.

    Andrew saying that his art has allowed him to heal

    4. When Andrew and Ryan Reynolds were both nominated for 2017 Golden Globe awards and they made out with each other after Ryan Gosling won.

    Andrew and Ryan kissing at a table at the Golden Globes

    5. And then, when Andrew kissed Stephen Colbert after talking about the Golden Globes kiss and saying he's comfortable kissing men.

    Andrew leaning in and kissing Stephen

    6. When he ran into Tom Holland at the 2021 GQ Men of the Year party and hugged him because it was literally like reuniting with his little brother.

    7. When he revealed that he snuck into a theater to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home with Tobey Maguire and they were both just so excited to see the movie and fans' reactions to it.

    Andrew explaining how he and Tobey wore baseball caps and snuck into a screening

    8. When Andrew was so excited to attend San Diego Comic-Con for The Amazing Spider-Man that he dressed up as Spider-Man and pretended to be a fan asking a question.

    Andrew taking his Spider-Man mask off and saying he's always wanted to come to Comic-Con as a fan

    9. And then, he explained why he looked up to Spider-Man growing up and how honored he was to play the character on screen.

    Andrew saying Spider-Man gave him hope growing up and how much he admired him

    You can watch Andrew's entire speech from 2011 San Diego Comic-Con below:

    View this video on YouTube

    Sony Pictures / Via youtu.be

    10. When he talked about his favorite Halloween costume, which was a Spider-Man suit his mom made for him.

    Andrew explaining that his mom made a Spider-Man costume for him out of felt

    11. When he talked about Emma Stone being cast as Gwen in The Amazing Spider-Man and described her as a "shot of espresso."

    Andrew saying, "She came in and she was like a shot of espresso. She's like being bathed in sunlight"

    12. When he read a bunch of thirst tweets about himself and simply could not handle the compliments, but also the violence.

    Andrew laughing and reading tweets that ask him to spit in his mouth, smash a laptop on someone's boobs, and more

    13. And then, when he went on a philosophical tangent about where the word "sexy" had to come from and it was simply peak Andrew Garfield.

    Andrew pondering who invented sexy

    You can watch Andrew's entire thirst tweets video below:

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    BuzzFeed / Via youtu.be

    14. When Andrew and Emma Stone used being spotted by paparazzi as a chance to point out the important organizations that deserve attention more than they do.

    Andrew and Emma holding signs over their faces that list different charities

    15. When he said that his first job was at a Starbucks in London, and he hoped it would fulfill a John Hughes movie fantasy he had.

    Andrew saying he hoped he would meet some girls at Starbucks that liked to read and realized they fell in love with their barista

    16. When Andrew booked his first acting job in Hollywood and decided to celebrate by getting drunk, being invited to Prince's Golden Globes afterparty, and then puking in his bathroom.

    Andrew saying he puked in Prince's bathroom after walking past Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek in line

    17. When Andrew and Emma Stone filmed a Spider-Man kiss on Saturday Night Live and it was simply hilarious.

    Andrew and Emma making out in various different ways

    You can watch the full sketch below:

    View this video on YouTube

    NBC / Via youtu.be

    18. When he revealed that he knows how everyone — literally everyone — has been fancasting him as a young Remus Lupin from Harry Potter for years, and he loves it.

    Andrew saying he loves being a fancast for Remus and he's very flattered

    Just putting this side-by-side here, for scientific purposes.

    19. When he told the story of his first kiss, which involved going to a house party at 13-years-old and making out with several girls in one night before his mom showed up to pick him up.

    Andrew saying he kissed one girl and then kissed a bunch more at this one party and it was freeing

    20. When Emma Stone was trying to come up with a question on the spot to ask Andrew and he could not stop laughing.

    Emma trying to ask Andrew a question and he keeps laughing

    21. When Andrew found out he talked in his sleep, so he recorded himself and then played it for everyone while visiting The Late Late Show with James Corden.

    Andrew's saying, "Start running. Nowhere. Just start running" in his sleep

    22. When he crashed Emma Stone's Saturday Night Live monologue to tell Andy Samberg he's not related to Garfield the cat.

    Andrew saying he's Spider-Man and Andy saying, "He's British? America is suffering record unemployment and we outsourced Spider-Man?"

    23. When he adorably wore blue pipe-cleaner glasses while attending the Worldwide Orphans annual gala.

    24. When Andrew hyped up his older brother, who is a doctor and has been working tirelessly during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Andrew explaining his brother is a lung doctor and he has been saving people's lives, then the audience, Andrew, and Stephen Colbert giving his brother a standing ovation

    25. When he shared this personal note after he was nominated for a SAG Award for his performance in Tick, Tick...Boom!

    A personal note from Andrew Garfield to SAG. Thank you ✍️📝💫 #ticktickBOOM

    @ticktickboom / Via Twitter: @ticktickboom

    26. When Andrew and Jamie Doran talked about when they first moved to Los Angeles and they hung out together alongside Eddie Redmayne and Robert Pattinson.

    Jamie pointing to an old photo of Andrew with long hair and beanie and saying he was not cool

    27. And finally, when he did a backflip on The Ellen Show and Ellen DeGeneres donated $30,000 to breast cancer research because of it.