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    25 Actors You Probably Forgot Guest Starred On "Scandal"

    Once a Gladiator, always a Gladiator!

    1. First off, Gilmore Girls and How To Get Away With Murder star Liza Weil starred as Amanda Tanner, a White House intern who claimed to have had an affair with President Fitz Grant.

    2. Before starring in Black-ish and Grown-ish, Yara Shahidi appeared in several episodes as young Olivia Pope.

    3. Friends star Lisa Kudrow portrayed Josie Marcus, a congresswoman who hired Pope & Associates during her presidential campaign.

    4. 13 Reasons Why star Dylan Minnette appeared in several episodes as Mellie and Fitz's son, Jerry.

    5. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody star Brenda Song appeared in several episodes as Alissa, David Rosen's legal secretary.

    6. Twilight star Michael Welch appeared as Officer Newton, a police officer who found himself in the public eye after he shot an unarmed teenager.

    7. Before starring in Grey's Anatomy, Kelly McCreary starred as Clare Tucker, a terrorist who worked with Harrison when he was trying to get information about Maya.

    8. Girls star Lena Dunham portrayed Sue Thomas, a woman who blackmailed Pope & Associates for money.

    9. Gilmore Girls star Keiko Agena appeared as Britta Kagen, the White House Press Secretary who was shot along with President Fitz Grant.

    10. Sense8 star and Katie Lowes' husband IRL, Adam Shapiro, appeared as Jesse Tyler, a computer programmer who dated Quinn before she became a Gladiator.

    11. Young Sheldon star and Jeff Perry's daughter IRL, Zoe Perry, portrayed villain Samantha Ruland in Season 6.

    12. Arrested Development alum Portia de Rossi appeared as Elizabeth North in three seasons of the series.

    13. The Rocky Horror Picture Show star Barry Bostwick portrayed Jerry Grant, Fitz's father, during Season 2.

    14. Desperate Housewives star Brenda Strong appeared as Joan Reston, wife of Governor Reston, who lost the 2008 presidential election to Fitz.

    15. Prison Break and Private Practice alum Paul Adelstein played Leo Bergen, a crisis management consultant and Sally Langston's campaign manager.

    16. Broadway veteran Norm Lewis appeared in several episodes as Edison Davis, Olivia's ex-fiancé and Florida's senator.

    17. American Crime Story alum Courtney B. Vance appeared as Clarence Parker, the father of a young boy who was innocently killed by the police.

    18. The Office and The Bold Type star Melora Hardin appeared as Shelley Meyers, wife of Senator Richard Meyers and a possible murder suspect.

    19. Ghostbusters and Pretty In Pink star Annie Potts portrayed Louise Baker, Florida's governor in Season 5.

    20. Everwood alum Debra Mooney appeared as Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton in Season 2.

    21. Doctor Who and Arrow alum John Barrowman portrayed Mellie's fixer, who questioned her about Fitz's possible affair.

    22. Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson portrayed Randolph Boles, an FBI negotiator who worked with Pope & Associates.

    23. Heroes alum Jack Coleman appeared as Daniel Douglas Langston, Sally Langston's ex-husband.

    24. Before starring in Grey's Anatomy, Jerrika Hinton played Hannah, a doctor who helped Pope & Associates during Season 1.

    25. And finally, Jimmy Kimmel, who has been an avid fan of the series, appeared as himself in several episodes.