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25 Details From "Riverdale" That’ll Make You Say, “How Did I Not Notice That?”

Toni Topaz is subtly mentioned a full 10 episodes before she appears on screen!

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Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. First, every episode of Riverdale is actually named after a movie or a combination of movie titles.

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2. In fact, the title of the pilot, "Chapter One: River's Edge" is a nod to the 1986 movie River's Edge, which has a similar plot to the show in general.

River's Edge follows a group of young adults caught up with murder and drugs in their town.
The CW / Island Pictures

River's Edge follows a group of young adults caught up with murder and drugs in their town.

3. When Joaquin leaves Riverdale, he can be seen getting on a bus to San Junipero, a nod to the popular Black Mirror episode.

The CW / Netflix

4. The town of Riverdale was founded in 1939, the same year the publisher MLJ Comics — the original name for Archie Comics — was founded.

The CW, Archie Comics

5. When Betty is giving Veronica a tour of Riverdale High, she says the school was founded in 1941, the same year Archie, Betty, and Jughead first appeared in the comics.

The CW / Archie Comics

6. In fact, Riverdale's town slogan "the town with pep" is a nod to Pep Comics, the original anthology series that first featured Archie, Betty, and Jughead.

The CW, Archie Comics

7. The pattern on the pillows behind Veronica are likely a nod to the iconic carpet in The Shining.

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8. In Season 1, you can see that Toni left a comment on Chuck's photo of him and Veronica. This appears exactly 10 episodes before Toni was introduced on the show.

Obviously different spelling, but you get the idea!
The CW

Obviously different spelling, but you get the idea!

9. In the Season 1 finale, FP is reading the comic Chilling Adventures in Sorcery, As Told By Sabrina Vol. 1, a nod to Sabrina the Teenage Witch, who will have her own Netflix series from the creators of Riverdale.

The CW / Archie Comics

10. After Toni saves Cheryl from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, Cheryl actually stays at Toni's house and wears some of her clothing in the next two episodes.

The CW

11. FP's prison number is "24601" the same as Jean Valjean's in Les Miserables.

The CW

12. In the early days of the Archie Comics, Archie went by the nickname "Chick." In Season 2, Chic shows up pretending to be Betty's brother, Charles.

Archie Comics, The CW

In the comics, Betty's brother is also named Chic.

13. In the penultimate episode of Season 2, FP carrying an injured Jughead out of the woods is a nod to this iconic Batman and Robin image.

The CW / DC Comics

14. When Jughead visits FP in prison, FP tells him "What’s up? You look like you’ve seen a ghost," which is a nod to Skeet Ulrich's iconic line in Scream.

The CW / Dimension Films

15. The shocking reveal that Midge has been killed by the Black Hood mimics Margaret's death in the film Carrie.

The CW, United Artists

16. When Betty and Veronica vow to not have a boy come between them, this is likely a nod to the iconic Archie, Betty, and Veronica image from the comics as well as their love triangle.

The CW / Archie Comics

17. When Betty learns that Ms. Grundy has been lying about her identity, the real Ms. Grundy's photo is a nod to what the character looks like in the comics.

The CW, Archie Comics

18. The exterior of Thistlehouse was used as the original exterior for the Salvatore Brothers' house in the pilot of The Vampire Diaires.

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19. The name of Archie's gang, The Red Circle is a nod to an old Archie Comics superhero imprint named Red Circle.

The CW, Archie Comics

And like Archie's gang, the imprint also changed its name to The Dark Circle.

20. The image of Archie holding Fred after he was shot by the Black Hood mimics Archie being shot in Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe in the comics.

The CW / Archie Comics

21. The name of the drug jingle jangle is a nod to the 1969 song of the same name by the band, The Archies.

The CW, Kirshner Records 5002

22. If you look closely, you can see that Archie has DC Comics posters hung on the walls of his bedroom.

The CW

23. The name on Archie's fake I.D., Wilbur Wilkins is a nod to an old Archie comics character, who actually made his first appearance Zip Comics #18, three months before Archie first appeared.

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24. The two owl bookends in Betty's room are likely a nod to the iconic Twin Peaks quote, "The owls are not what they seem."

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25. And of course, Alice can be seen serving Betty and Archie a slice of cherry pie, a nod to Mädchen Amick's iconic Twin Peaks character, Shelly Johnson.

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