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    Updated on Jun 17, 2020. Posted on Jun 11, 2020

    "13 Reasons Why" Just Ended After Four Seasons — Here's What Happened To 17 Characters

    "Clay, it's like you said — you'll survive."

    Well, after four controversial seasons, Netflix's 13 Reasons Why just came to an end.

    Brandon Flynn, Dylan Minnette, Alisha Boe, and Christian Navarro as Justin, Clay, Jessica, and Tony in "13 Reasons Why."
    David Moir / Netflix

    And let's be honest: This show should've ended after Season 1, but here we are.

    Here's what happened to Clay, Justin, Jessica, Tony, and the rest of their friends by the end of the series:

    🚨Obviously MASSIVE spoilers ahead for the final season.🚨

    1. Clay Jensen

    Dylan Minnette as Clay in "13 Reasons Why" giving a speech about living life during graduation

    During the final season, Clay's main storyline focuses on his guilt over framing Monty for Bryce's murder and Monty's eventual death while in prison. Clay spends a majority of this season dealing with his mental health, especially after he can't account for large amounts of time and begins to violently act out. Eventually, while in therapy, Clay recalls his lost memories, which include being the person behind graffiti that has appeared around town, terrorizing his fellow seniors during a camping trip, and setting a car on fire during a school walkout. During the series finale, Clay gets into Brown University and is even elected class speaker at graduation.

    2. Justin Foley

    Brandon Flynn as Justin in "13 Reasons Why" sitting on Clay's bed in his letterman jacket

    At the beginning of the season, Justin returns from rehab and is ready to take his sobriety seriously. He spends the first few episodes regularly attending AA meetings and trying to keep Clay out of trouble. Of course, this is 13 Reasons Why, so Justin's happiness is fleeting. He learns that his mom died of a possible overdose, which leads him to relapse. Eventually, Justin promises he will get sober, but he never gets the chance because he suddenly collapses at prom. In the series finale, it's revealed that Justin has tested positive for HIV-1 and it has progressed to AIDS; plus he has pneumonia, a "brain infection," and other health issues. Justin's health only deteriorates from here, and he eventually dies surrounded by Clay and Clay's parents. After his death, Clay finds Justin's college essay, which was about their brotherhood.

    3. Jessica Davis

    Alisha Boe as Jessica in "13 Reasons Why" standing on a hill with her friends
    David Moir / Netflix

    Throughout the final season, Jessica continues to deal with her sexual assault, especially after she hallucinates Bryce. After Justin breaks up with her, Jessica starts dating Diego, which doesn't last long after she continually goes back to Justin. Jessica uses her role at Liberty High to try to make it a better place for all students. While continuing to lead Hands Off, a group for sexual assault survivors, she also takes an interest in the new security measures Liberty has put in place. Alongside Clay, Jess helps organize a walkout after confronting Principal Bolan about the police presence at school. Of course, in the final episode, Jess is devastated about Justin's death and even tells him that he "taught her how to love."

    4. Tony Padilla

    Christian Navarro as Tony in "13 Reasons Why" preparing for a boxing match
    David Moir / Netflix

    Tony's final-season storyline deals with him being recruited by the sheriff's office to join a boxing league. He thrives while boxing and goes on to win several fights, which eventually leads to a scholarship offer from a recruiter. On top of his new passion for boxing — Archie Andrews would be so proud — Tony spends the final season suspicious of Tyler and wondering if he's buying guns again. Meanwhile, Liberty High School decides to do an unannounced lockdown drill, which only adds to Tony's paranoia. Tyler ends up being fine (more on this later), and Tony has nothing to worry about. During the series finale, after much hesitation, Tony decides to take the boxing scholarship. He sells the garage, and he and Caleb plan for a happy future.

    5. Alex Standall

    Miles Heizer as Alex in "13 Reasons Why" being crowned Prom King

    After murdering Bryce last season, Alex spends the final season trying to keep his involvement a secret and discovering his sexuality. Alex's storyline starts with him kissing Zach after Zach saves him from falling off a roof. Eventually, Alex begins dating Winston, Monty's ex, which gets super complicated and eventually ends. During the horrific school lockdown, Alex has a panic attack and tries to escape the classroom he's locked in, but Charlie helps him through it and the two of them end up kissing. The rest of the season is honestly pretty great for Alex. He and Charlie start dating, Alex introduces him to his parents, and Alex even reveals that he's falling in love. During the series finale, Alex comes clean to Winston and tells him that he killed Bryce. Winston agrees to keep Alex's secret because he loves him.

    6. Zach Dempsey

    Ross Butler as Zach in "13 Reasons Why"

    Out of everyone, Zach is dealing the worst with all the secrets. He spends a majority of this season drunk, hooking up with random women, and insisting that he doesn't care about college. After a night of partying, Clay ends up driving Zach's car off a cliff and injuring Zach. During the school lockdown, Zach is stuck in a classroom with Winston, where Zach admits that he badly beat up Bryce before he died. This leads the entire football team to beat up Zach because they want to know the true story. During the series finale, Alex finally confronts Zach about his drinking, especially when he refuses to visit Justin in the hospital. In the end, Coach Kerba offers Zach an assistant coaching job at Liberty, but only if he graduates and stays sober.

    7. Tyler Down

    Devin Druid as Tyler in "13 Reasons Why" talking to Estela

    This season begins with the police finding Tyler's bag of guns from a few seasons ago and bringing him in for questioning. This is what causes Clay and Tony to keep a close eye on Tyler because they're worried he'll tell the police all of their secrets. Also, Tony thinks Tyler is buying guns again after he catches him giving money to a "gun dealer." Eventually, Clay and Tony learn that Tyler is working with the police to help get guns off the streets. Also during this final season, Tyler begins dating Monty's sister Estela after they spend time together during the school lockdown and Tyler talks about his sexual assault.

    8. Ani Achola

    Grace Saif as Ani in "13 Reasons Why" talking to Jessica about prom

    Ani isn't in a lot of this final season, but she's still involved in a lot of the drama. The season begins with Ani's mom announcing that she's moving, so Ani moves in with Jessica so she can finish her senior year at Liberty. At the school's Future Fair, Ani is the first person to spot Winston and quickly alerts Clay that this could unravel all of their secrets. Clay's mental health begins to affect his relationship with Ani, and the two eventually break up and Ani leaves to visit her mom. Ultimately, Ani returns and apologizes to Jessica for sleeping with Bryce. In the series finale, Ani reveals that Mrs. Walker is using Bryce's college tuition to help fund Hands Off.

    9. Charlie St. George

    Tyler Barnhardt as Charlie in "13 Reasons Why" asking Alex to prom

    After helping everyone cover up Bryce's murder last season, Charlie becomes an important member of the friend group. This season, Charlie continues to keep everyone's secrets while getting closer to Alex. He helps Alex during the school lockdown and is the one to initiate the kiss between the two of them. While Alex is hesitant about their relationship at first, Charlie embraces it from the start. Eventually, Charlie comes out to his dad as bisexual and tells him about Alex, too. After Charlie adorably asks Alex to prom, they are crowned Prom King and King. Honestly, Alex and Charlie's relationship is the one good thing to come out of this season.

    10. Winston Williams

    Deaken Bluman as Winston in "13 Reasons Why" attending prom

    Following Monty's death last season, Winston, who hooked up with Monty, is determined to find out who killed Bryce. So Winston transfers to Liberty to get to the bottom of everything. He ends up asking Diego and Estela to help him, and after receiving a copy of Bryce's tape in which he confesses to everything, they believe Jessica is behind his murder. In between investigating, Winston attends prom, and he slow-dances with a hallucination of Monty and says goodbye to him. Honestly, I didn't need a scene that humanized Monty, but okay. During the series finale, Alex eventually tells Winston that he killed Bryce, and Winston decides to keep his secret because he does love Alex.

    11. Diego Torres

    Jan Luis Castellanos as Diego in "13 Reasons Why" confronting Clay

    Diego is a new character but plays a huge part in the final season. In the early episodes, Diego has made it his goal to make Clay's life a living hell because he's pretty certain Monty didn't kill Bryce and Clay is behind framing him. Of course, while all of this is going on, Diego starts dating Jessica. After hearing Bryce's confession tape, Diego becomes suspicious of Jessica and believes that she, Justin, and Zach had a lot to do with Bryce's murder. Naturally, his suspicion leads Jess to break up with him. During the series finale, Diego and Jessica get tested for HIV after Justin dies, and Diego even asks Jess out again outside the clinic.

    12. Bryce Walker and Monty de la Cruz

    Justin Prentice, Dylan Minnette, and Timothy Granaderos as Bryce, Clay, and Monty in "13 Reasons Why" hiding underneath a table

    Alright, so Bryce and Monty are in the final season a lot, despite having died last season. Both of their ghosts haunt Clay as he deals with his mental health. Bryce also appears as Jess continues to hallucinate him. And Monty gets a final moment with Winston before disappearing.

    13. Chloe Rice

    Anne Winters as Chloe in "13 Reasons Why" attending graduation

    During the final season, Chloe appears only a handful of times, and it's mostly to check in on Zach. During one of the times Zach is super drunk, he kisses Chloe, who reveals that she has a really great boyfriend now. During the series finale, Chloe is seen at graduation supporting her former classmates.

    14. Ryan Shaver

    Tommy Dorfman as Ryan in "13 Reasons Why" talking to Winston at graduation

    So, Ryan was last seen during Season 2 after Hannah's story came to a close. He appears during the series finale at graduation and even hits on Winston.

    15. Courtney Crimsen

    Michele Selene Ang as Courtney in "13 Reasons Why" attending graduation

    Similarly to Ryan, Courtney appeared a little in Season 3 but made her last series regular appearance during Season 2. She also appears at graduation during the series finale.

    16. And finally, Hannah's tapes

    A box of Hannah Baker's original tapes at the bottom of a hole

    Okay, while the tapes aren't ~technically~ a character, they are still super important to the series. During the series finale, Hannah's mom mails Clay the tapes because she thinks Clay and Tony should have them. In the final moments of the show, Clay, Tony, Jessica, Zach, Alex, Tyler, and everyone else bury Hannah's tapes and say goodbye one last time.

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