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Being A Kohawk Alum On Flunk Day

Why can't the real world have Flunk Day? #FOMO

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1. Swapping out your cleverly designed Flunk Day t-shirt for business attire

2. Recognizing that it's the one time a year you wouldn't mind kicking it with a bunch of undergrads

3. Missing out on the conspiracy theories around when the day would come

"Well my dad knows the security officer who saw the Sodexo cooks who talked to..."

4. Hearing rumors about Flunk Days in the 70s and smiling

5. Then realizing that YOUR flunk day stories are now a part of Flunking History

6. Being willing to trade your office Spotify playlist for the obnoxiously loud music across the new apartment quad

7. Watching the group chat explode at 5:00 AM with sadness instead of excitement

8. Attempting to explain Flunk Day to your co-workers

9. Preparing for a board meeting instead of preparing your fridge/cooler/body to be ready immediately following spring break

10. Talking to other alumni from ISU like "It's like all of Veisha - crammed into one, beautiful 24 hour day."

11. Considering a career change in becoming a meteorologist after all of your spot-on predictions the perfect Flunking weather

12. Passing your wisdom on to your younger, sweet, naiive Kohawk friends

It's a marathon, not a sprint.

13. Taking sad selfies from your cubicle instead of photos leaning out of first-floor new apartment windows

14. Missing being young enough to sneak onto the PUB Patio and feel a ridiculous amount of self pride.

15. Trying to do work but also scrolling through 100+ snap stories without crying

16. Being thankful you went to a school where you could be close to people in younger grade levels who keep you posted


17. Wishing it was more socially acceptable to drop everything and meet all of your alumni buddies back on campus

18. Letting your emotional well-being remain compromised for the next 24 hours.

19. Wishing your biggest issue was not face-planting on the inflatable horse race.

20. Feeling honored to have made your mark on a time-honored tradition

21. Missing when making friends was as easy as bumping into someone on the Quad, not endorsing someone on LinkedIn.

22. Why can't the real world have flunk day where bills/reports/work/loans/deadlines/life all ceased for one day of fun?

23. But if Flunk Day lasted for ever, it wouldn't be THE B E S T.

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