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33 Signs You Are Still Obsessed With How I Met Your Mother

With the one year anniversary of the finale of How I Met Your Mother approaching, we assume everyone is still in denial that it actually ended...... or that it ended that way

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5. You continuously stalk the cast HARD CORE / Via Instagram

I mean seriously, Harper and Gideon's fashionista pictures are what you LIVE for

6. And you realize they're still ADORABLE

8. They are still true to their HIMYM roots

Let's Be Honest, Josh will ALWAYS be Ted!

9. You are CONSTANTLY trying to start a "Slap Bet" with your friends

16. Every Monday at 8pm you rewatch old episodes

19. This quote has become your life motto

21. And this song will forever be your ringtone

22. You are still wandering through life wanting a relationship like this

23. And still hoping this one worked out in some alternative universe

25. Because you think of these two cuties...

27. Then you think about all the sad times HIMYM threw at us

Not to mention the Fiero DYING!

29. When you finally rise from the tissue mountain you've created, you still remember all the good times you shared with the gang

30. And you remember that "whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary, unless your friends are there to see it."

32. Because they gave you the best gift of all...

33. A family, friends and a million legendary laughs

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