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"Pink Furby Adventures" Is Weirdly Entertaining

This tumblr will either make your day or give you nightmares.

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1. This is Furby. Remember him/her/it?

2. Well there's this tumblr, Pink Furby Adventures that poses Furby in ordinary situations and it's strangely entertaining.

3. Yet it raises a lot of questions.

4. Like do Furbies get hungry?

5. Or need showers?

6. Is this cute? Is this creepy? I DON'T KNOW!

7. I'm not sure if this is hilarious or horryifing? OR BOTH?

8. They are mystified by Unicorns?

9. And enjoy smooth jazz?

10. Is this dog happy or scared? Is this voluntary or is Furby controlling the dog's mind?

11. Are they smoking? Is this Dragon sucking this Furby's soul? Do Furbies have souls?

12. How do Furbies hold chalk?

13. Is Furby the head of a Charlie Brown cult?

14. Furbies can drive?

15. What if the batteries get wet? Does this turn into a Gremlin situation?

16. Is Furby the newest member of "One Direction"?

17. Furbies can drink?

18. And then drunkenly sing karaoke? Justin Bieber no less.

19. Either way Furby, just sleep tight.

20. And just keep looking cute.

21. Or terrifying.

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