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    21 Items For Mindy Project Fans

    I have the right to life, liberty and chicken wings!

    1. Hot Mess Floral Print

    2. The Mindy Project Quote Pencil Set

    3. "French Me, You Idiot!" Card

    4. "Your Secret is Safe With Me Because I Don't Care" Print

    5. Cross-stitch for those non-morning people.

    6. "Beyonce Pad Thai" Tote

    7. "Sass Mouth" Water Color

    8. Print of all the iconic outfits on The Mindy Project.

    9. "I am a Smart Woman, With an Ass That Doesn't Quit" Mug

    10. Instagram-Worthy Kind of Love Card

    11. "Mindy is My Spirit Animal" Pillow

    12. "Ride or Die" Card

    13. Danny Castellano Earrings

    14. Cast of The Mindy Project Ornaments

    15. Mindy Project Cross-Stitch Pattern

    16. "It's So Weird Being My Own Role Model" Mug

    17. "I Have the Right to Life, Liberty & Chicken Wings" Poster

    18. "Your Secret is Safeish With Me" Card

    19. "I Don't Get Why Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan Even Do Movies Without the Other In Them" Poster

    20. "You're the Danny to My Mindy" Card

    21. "These Donuts Are My Lunch" Mug