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    15 Signs You're Actually Just Ray From HBO's "Girls"

    What color is that? Awkward Marine?

    1. It is an understatement to call you sarcastic.

    2. You are too blunt with strangers.

    3. But at least you're original.

    4. Some people may describe you as pessimistic.

    5. Because you're not afraid to speak out about what you know is wrong.

    6. You don't understand this generation.

    7. Or their obsession with emojis.

    8. However, you've been known to give some really good pep talks.

    9. Even if they're unconventional.

    10. Or unwanted.

    11. You're a realist when it comes to dating.

    12. Which might (definitely) make you angsty.

    13. You always stick up for your friends.

    14. Your friends aren't really sure what you do for work.

    15. But you are always there to help them out.