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    12 Ways Unhealthy Eaters Can Relate To Leslie Knope

    Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?

    1. Half the time, you have no idea what you're eating.


    2. And your spending habits on food might cause some concern.

    3. You don't understand the latest health trends.


    4. Portion control is something you have yet to master.

    5. You question what the food chart considers ~healthy~.

    6. You still don't understand why cake for breakfast is unacceptable.

    7. You don't have what people call a "refined pallet."

    8. You don't understand how people willingly eat salad.

    9. You never turn down food.

    10. You understand the value in a value meal.

    11. Your doctor would not support your food choices.

    12. No matter what though, you remember what makes you happy.