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    12 Truths Everyone In Their Mid-Twenties Knows

    Am I too old or too young to be doing this?

    1. You love going out...

    2. And simultaneously hate it.

    3. You actually see yourself looking a bit...older.

    4. You get excited and disappointed when you are not asked for your ID.

    5. You look for more serious candidates when it comes to dating.

    6. Yet, you are not ready to settle down.

    7. You are horrified when someone refers to you as an adult/m'am/sir.

    8. You've actually started to think babies are cute.

    9. But then again, so are puppies.

    10. You actually have to think about your career.

    11. Hearing college kids talk about their problems is baffling now.

    12. At least you know you are better with age.