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Sims Things You Couldn't/Wouldn't/Shouldn't Do In Real Life...

Sims is wildly addictive, and although I'm a fan I can see the differences from reality. Some are worth a chuckle over.

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1. Run All Day So You Are A Level Ten Athlete

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Yeah, this is one you will only know if you are accustomed to cheat codes.

If your Sim is happy you can keep them running until they are a Level 10 athlete (same with all skills), and time doesn't take anything away.

2. Move All Your Windows To Wall Mount A TV

In Sims it is entirely possible to shuffle your windows about to make room for your flat screen, making it possible to get that Feng Shui feeling just right. Might be pretty costly.

3. Destroy Your House To Make Money

Ever been tight on money? Don't fear, in Sims you can just knock down a couple of walls and spend away.

4. Alternatively, You Could Pop To The Supermarket and Sell the Day's Catch

Pop down to the supermarket with one or two freshly caught fish, or some grapes and sell them to the supermarket.

5. When You Get Bored at Being the Best At One Job, Quit and Be the Best At Something Else

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Job woes? Fuck it. One minute you can be a top notch surgeon, then next an astronaut.

6. Only Call the Baby Sitter After You've Left

Hey, there's no worries that he or she might be busy. Why not hop in the car and find out later. Obviously it's best to call them whilst driving and after you've left the house so the sitter feels an obligation. I always wonder how they get into the house.

7. Force Someone to Eat Until They Are Fat

EA/ Mod The Sims

Invite your friends over. Make lots of food and keep calling them to the meal until they are nice and large. Alternatively, you could just gorge yourself.

8. Force A Random to Move in With You Regardless of Their Current Situation Pinterest

Always wondered what it would be like living with your married friend from down the road? Don't fancy letting the kids move in? No problem, force them to live with you, get them divorced or... Don't. If you feel like it you could even make the maid move in. No kidnapping charges included.

10. No Room in Your House, or Simply A Maverick? Leave the Furniture on the Lawn... Sleep There Too.

11. Dramatic Weight Loss/ Shape Your Sim

EA / Via YouTube Matt Shea

Eh, just pop on Sim Editor and create the weirdest shaped human in history. Better still, get them really fat then just shed the pounds. Instantly.

12. It's Your Birthday, Spin Around Until You Get Taller!

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