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    What I Thought Of The Fear Street Movies

    "pick number 3 my lord"

    Fear Street 1994

    The worst one out of the three , but yet it had the most memorable kill. There were way to many flaws. How the hell did an epipen bring her back from drowning. Why was the music from different years. my biggest question is how her friends were willing to die for her girlfriend. I'm not heartless , but even I would be like oh three killers are after her good luck with that. Also can we talk about how clearly the friends cared more about her then she ever did about them. Like dang girl no funeral or mourning

    Fear street 1978

    Ah finally some good acting. Definitely better than the first. Obviously the director was a Friday The 13th fan. Kids at a camp ✔ Consular having sex ✔ Said consular dying ✔ Honestly a decent movie which could have been better with more original ideas. It did have one major problem though the soon to be cop getting hit with an axe only to later get back up without any mark. Also giving mouth to mouth to a person stabbed multiples, sorry she would be dead from blood lost

    Fear Street 1666

    🎶 Going back in time🎶 I loved how things got tied into the other two movies. For instance the beginning to the first movie started in the mall near the tree only for us to learn the tree was were it all began in the final movie With the girl's death. Props to the writers for making us feel the cop was a creep in 1978 for liking a way younger girl. I do however wonder why there was a cracking sound when her brother was attacked by the girl killer was it a last minute choice to make him live? Also is it the blood and making noise draws the killers to kill. Because the cop died , but later the kids just got walked passed has the killers went into the shops. Overall the movies were fun to watch , but will never compare to the classics like Halloween or Friday the 13th

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