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    12 Things I Noticed In "Fear Street Part One: 1994" That Just Aren't Adding Up

    I'm not afraid. I'm CONFUSED. ⚠️Spoilers⚠️

    1. I guess someone got a new job

    the actress who plays Heather from Fear street also starring in Stranger things

    Sorry, but didn't you work at Scoops Ahoy? She can survive demogorgons but not a Ghostface rip off apparently. 

    2. Skull masks and blow-up dolls

    a guy holding a blow up doll in the dimly lit mall at night

    I don't understand what kind of store sells blow-up dolls and skeleton masks at the same time? What is this, a Spencer's?

    3. Not gonna lie, these killers are kinda rip offs

    the skeleton killer looking like ghost face and the camp axe killer looking like jason
    Netflix/Dimension Films/Paramount Pictures

    Oh, hey there, Ghostface and Jason. Was this a nice nod to some horror icons or just plain laziness? 

    4. 1st rule of horror movies: never split up

    Simon peeing by himself because he's dumb

    If Deena's brother was such a horror nerd, why didn't he tell Simon not to go off and pee by himself?

    5. Getting it on despite the ghosts

    The kids from the Fear street getting it on in the creepy abandoned school

    Seriously? Three killers are after you. How did any of them think it was a good idea to get it on? 

    6. Wearing bloody shirts

    Kate with blood smeared purposefully on her shirt

    Ok, I get it attracts the killers, but why not just carry the bloody shirts so they could toss it if they needed to? And besides, it's just gross and unsanitary. 

    7. Cake to the face

    the skeleton mask killer pushing a girl's face into a cake

    Slamming Kate's face into the cake made me laugh, but that laugh was ~cut~ short by the bread slicer.

    8. Death by overdose and drowning?

    Deena feeding Samantha pills and then drowning her in a lobster tank

    Making your girlfriend overdose and drowning her honestly seems way more terrifying and painful than getting stabbed...

    9. A bad plan to bring her back

    Deena stabbing her girlfriend with an epipen straight into her chest

    First of all, an EpiPen wouldn't save someone who drowns. Secondly, using that many EpiPens would definitely just make her... well, more dead. And thirdly (and worst of all), that's not even where you're supposed to inject someone.

    10. Deena just watched as her bro almost got killed

    Deena's brother scared as he's about to be killed by the skeleton mask guy

    I would be SO mad if I were Deena's brother. She literally chooses her ex over him and stares as he's about to be stabbed to death. 

    11. Not sad about the deaths of her BFFs

    Deena smiling like nothing happened

    Her two best friends die and she put her brother in mortal danger, and yet she acts like her girlfriend is the only person in the world. Seriously, her brother just lost the girl he likes and is probably traumatized, but she leaves him alone to be with her girlfriend. Rude.

    12. And lastly, in classic fashion, the cop is absolutely useless


    He just randomly decides to blame this whole debacle on drugs? Oh, I'm sorry? Do security cameras not exist on Fear Street? A grocery store without a single camera? I don't buy it. And even without any kind of security footage, how could he explain the two dead bodies that clearly were stabbed and hacked apart by weapons that just disappeared from the crime scene? 

    Do you have some Fear Street opinions? Drop 'em in the comments if so!

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