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    Sorry , But These Movies Suck

    Don't tell me Michael Bay's ninja turtles were good


    I don't care if it looked good in 2009 the movie was boring and way to long. 2 hours and 42 minutes just to watch a human who ends up getting it on with a blue alien. Also the plot is over the top hard to follow and let's be honest it's already starting to look ugly.

    The last airbender

    Boy did they do the creators of the show dirty. Almost two hours of nothing just them traveling and then before the climax the movie ends. Oh, did you want to watch him fight the fire nation because you can't. Literally a waste of time and a pathetic excuse for a movie. They couldn't even say Aang right


    They can only say their name and each others name. A movie about being green and not polluting the earth. Watch as all the humans are fat, lazy and stupid while two robots fall in love by saying their names. Wall-E should have stayed in the trash pile were he belongs


    A cat or a human just choose one. Dang did they have an ugly contest with sonic before he was fixed. I would generally be terrified if cats had human mouths and noses. All I know is a lot of agents must of got fired for this.


    The cringe is real in this movie I get the product placements were used to fix the horrific sonic , but nothing could save the script or acting. Seriously who the f pick James Marsden and Jim carrey. Apparently now sonics an alien and acts like a little kid who never got discipline. Basically a crappy re skin of Alvin and the chipmunks

    The Lord Of The Rings the fellowship of the ring

    I tried so hard to like this film , but it's way to long, nearly being three hours. The movie is walking, walking and more walking. Barely anything actually happens, making you fight to stay awake through the whole movie.

    Mulan (2020)

    So many stupid choices were made like the cricket is now a spider. Mushu couldn't be in the film cause they wanted it to be more realistic, try explaining the dang bird lady, Also it was a terrible idea to make the villan a small female bird thing over Mulan kicking the crap out of a super strong hun leader. All the dragons are now a Phoenix and the music is gone. Somehow Disney managed to get rid of all the Disney magic that was so great in the animated film.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

    I can't with this film. let's start with April O'Neil that's just in the film to be fan service like oh, look she's bent out the car window better zoom up on her booty. Then you got Splitter which has to be the most racist Chinese stereotype I've ever seen. What the heck were they thinking? who looked at him and was like perfect job. Finally we got the ugliest turtles to look at. First off who gave them tattoos and how are they kept clean in a sewer? Also why do they look like they took steroids? Did someone beat them unconscious with the ugly stick at least that would explain why Raphael has a chip missing.

    Shrek the third

    I think most of us tried to block this movie from our minds. A Shrek movie that throws everything at you. Arthur needs help from Shrek which leads Shrek to learn he can become a good father because he's about to be a father of triplets. Somehow Donkey had kids with the dragon and Fiona's dad dies. This movie just tried to cover so much at once it just became a forgettable mess of a film.

    A Nightmare on elm street (2010)

    BURN IT WITH FIRE. Freddy Krueger's crap reboot were the makeup is poorly done and the actor doesn't bring it like Robert Englund, with a generous score of 15 on rotten tomatoes.

    Army Of The Dead

    Plot holes everywhere. The camp is right outside of the zombie infection Las Vegas where the nuclear bomb is dropped, yet they lived. His daughter is to blame for everything she doesn't stay with the kids she promised to look after. She then goes to the most zombie infected building with a dang pistol by herself. How the crap did she even get past the tiger? If her father was willing to earn the movie to start a food truck why did he hate his job cooking in a restaurant?


    Motion sickness and heavy breathing the movie. She panics every couple of minutes going ahhhhh gasp gasp ahh. I will never understand how this movie got rated so well. Crazy to think freaking out can get 95% while classic old films get hated on.

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