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    Covid Did More Than Just Getting People Sick

    things covid did that annoy me

    Higher prices

    Yes , you can now get 15 dollars an hour, but now everything is triple the price. Even worst are the scalpers, If I ever meet one I'll be this panda

    Stupidity in people

    I can never trust anyone again who couldn't wear a mask the right way. Is it really that hard to follow basic instructions on how to wear a mask. Cover your dang nose Karen. I wish I could pull her mask back and then let it go so it would slap her in the face


    Bloomberg / Bloomberg via Getty Images

    Now with twice the anxiety. I couldn't stand people breathing on me in line before covid. now it's made worst and seems incredibly longer since we were all used to online shopping

    Stores going under

    A lot of places are gone forever even entire malls. Sad to see so many empty buildings that won't be filled again for years


    If the illness wasn't bad enough already more shooting have started. A lot of innocent people are dying. The statistics just keep rising as nothing is being done

    Anger and excuses

    Just because covid happened doesn't give anyone the right to be an A hole. Everyone is going through a hard time and giving attitude and saying rude stuff is only going to make it worst

    sold out

    Everything from toilet paper to Pokémon cards are sold out because of greedy adults. Hope it was worth it to make a few extra bucks while making kids cry

    Everyone is now a germophobe

    I can't believe how fast hand sanitizer is gone. Not to mention the lengths people will go just to avoid other people. I understand being worried and taking cautions ,but not seeing your family for over a year is over the top when you're both Young and healthy.


    Did we really need commercials for washing our hands? I'm seriously digested by the fact that some people didn't wash their hands before covid. Imagine tasting your pee on a ice cream cone or poop on your burrito.

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