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    6 Common Causes Of Low Testosterone Levels You Didn’t Know About

    No matter how little your knowledge about testosterone is, I believe you probably know what it really is and the roles it plays in your body. And if you know that much, you would be aware of how importance this hormone is to your body.

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    Although there are many ways by which you can elevate the levels of your testosterone, which includes using men hormone supplements but you need to be sure you are not the one responsible for reducing the levels of testosterone in your body unintentionally.

    That is why you need to know the things that might be causing your low testosterone.

    #1. Over-exercising

    It is true as you have heard it before that exercising really does help to raise the testosterone levels. Exercises such as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), resistance training and burst training has been proven to help boost the testosterone levels in men. However, over doing these exercises might be working against your body.

    If you really want to boost your testosterone levels, then you need to minimize the duration of your workouts. Instead, train really hard for a short time and then take long breaks. If you keep exercising for hours, your body might start seeing this as stress, which would build up the levels of the hormone cortisol in your body. This is bad for your testosterone.

    #2. Damage to the testicles

    An accident during a soccer ball that causes an injury to the testes or getting kicked in the balls can cause low levels of testosterone. The reason is that testicular cells that are damaged would also lose their abilities to produce testosterone. An inflammation in the testes can also be responsible for decline in the production of testosterone.

    #3. Not getting enough rest

    This is another major cause of testosterone decline in the body. No matter how well you eat, or how hard you work, without having proper rest, then there is no way your body can be rich in testosterone. Rest in this case involves both relaxing and sleeping.

    At least you should get up to 7 or 8 hours of sleep. Get more if you work out. It’s great after working out to just lay there, relax, and watch something soothing.

    #4. Too much masturbation

    Although it has been said on many occasions that masturbation has nothing to do with testosterone, but it is common knowledge that testosterone has impact on everything that is related to sex. Masturbation on other hand is a kind of sex, though virtual.

    Can we still say they that they are not related?

    Without optimal testosterone in the testes, it is definitely difficult or impossible to get erections or maintain it and it is hard to masturbate without an erected penis.

    Apart from this, there has been many stories of men who used to engage in excess masturbation that later quit who reported that they were able to grow beard and body hair at a rapid rate. This is an obvious sign of the testosterone.

    Even if you are still not convinced that the testosterone and masturbation are related, don’t forget that the only things that would come of you quitting this habit will only be good.

    #5. Drinking alcohol

    Alcohol is one of the major causes of low testosterone in men. This is another reason for you to start avoiding it. A lot of research has proven that alcohol disrupts the production of testosterone in the male testicles. When this persists for a long time, an irreversible damage can occur. And the damage can get worse which will make it impossible for testosterone to be produced permanently.

    This is not implying that you should totally cut down on alcohol but the thing is if you really want to boost your testosterone levels, then it would be wise for you to keep your distance from alcohol. A beer once in a while will not affect your testosterone.

    #6. No sexy woman around

    According to a study, testosterone levels increases anytime a man is around an attractive woman. This increase is however temporary. If you think about this, it is logical. Anytime you see a hot woman, your body will immediately respond and would want to get her to bed. This makes the production of testosterone in your body at that moment to increase. Looking at this factor, using this same logic, when a man is not around any hot woman for a long time, his body would have an excuse to not produce testosterone