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    Posted on Aug 8, 2013

    6 Ways To Celebrate Season Six Of Breaking Bad By Breaking Breakfast

    It's the most important meal of the day, bitch!

    After what feels like the longest hiatus in the entirety of television history, the long-awaited sixth season of AMC's Breaking Bad finally premieres this Sunday, August 11.

    Given the show's long-running love affair with the most important meal of the day, there is no better way to ring in the new season than going Walter Junior-style with a big plate of something breakfast.

    In honor of the White Family tradition, here are six amazing piles of pancakes worthy of Breaking Bad…and breaking breakfast.

    Cake Batter Pancakes

    How Sweet Eats / Via

    If unicorns and pancakes had a baby...this would be it.

    Pumpkin Roll Pancakes

    Number 2 Pencil / Via

    Think of all the things you ever loved about autumn. Hayrides. Pumpkin carving. The scent of freshly-sharpened #2 pencils. Wearing a sweater whilst frolicking through leaf piles like you've just been cast in some sort of stock art photo shoot. Now compress all of these things into an edible stack and slather them in a cream cheese glaze. There you have it.

    Oreo Pancakes

    The Minimalist Baker / Via

    If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, it's safe to assume the 24-hour diner on the side of the road to hell is serving up these delicious bastards, all-you-can-eat style.

    S'more Pancakes

    The Minimalist Baker / Via

    Is this even legal?

    Coconut Pancakes

    The Ktan / Via

    Get inside me.

    Red Velvet Pancakes

    Eclectic Recipes / Via

    Proud to be an'merican.

    You're gonna need this...

    A Beautiful Mess / Via

    As whipped as the day is long. We shall call it "Hank."

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