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54 Epic Burgers For #BurgerMonth2016

May was National Burger Month. So Kita Roberts, the blogger behind Girl Carnivore got over 50 bloggers together to create one epic burger apiece. Burger month was in May but we are only at the start of grilling season. So here are 54 mouth watering, show stopping, mic dropping burger recipes to make this summer.

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Day 3: Outrageous Chorizo Poblano Cheeseburgers via The Heritage Cook

The Heritage Cook / Via

Burger #3

Packed with Mexican flavors and a kick of spicy heat, these Chorizo Poblano Cheeseburgers will make everyone cheer. Break out your BBQ and get the summer grilling season started today!

Day 4: Kheema Aloo Burgers with Fresh Mango Chutney Wrapped in Garlic Naan via Culinary Adventures With Camilla

Culinary Adventures with Camilla / Via

Burger #5

All the elements of this burger are infused with an Indian feel – from the spiced lamb-beef patties to the cumin-flecked potatoes and the fresh mango chutney. Garlic naan takes the place of a standard bun for even more Southeast Asian deliciousness.

Day 8: Hard Root Beer Burgers with Blue Cheese and Crispy Onions via The Spiffy Cookie


Burger #13

Why serve your burger with a glass of root beer when you can pour it on top? This burger is anything but basic with blue cheese, crispy onions, and a root beer reduction drizzled on top.

Day 11: Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger via Moore or Less Cooking

Moore or Less Cooking / Via

Burger #17

This juicy and flavorful Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger has the flavors of the familiar buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce but in burger form. This impressive burger will be a hit at your next BBQ cookout!

Day 12: Duck Burger via Bazaarlazarr

Instagram: @bazaarlazarr / Via Bazaarlazarr

Burger #19

Day 16: French Onion Burger via Cooking on a Budget

Cooking on a Budget / Via

Burger #25

French Onion Burger with caramelized links and crispy fried onion rings, served on an onion roll with melted Gruyere cheese and a sauce with cornichons is impossible to pass up.

Day 20: Cherry Cabernet Burger With Caramelized Onions via The Crumby Cupcake

The Crumby Cupcake / Via

Burger #34

Get fancy with your grillin’ and sink your teeth into a Cherry Cabernet Burger! Bacon and Cabernet-infused beef patties, topped with melty Gouda, peppery arugula, caramelized onions, and a roasted balsamic cherry & poblano chutney.

Day 22: Sassy Sriracha Double Decker Cheeseburger

The Mom Chef Taking on Magazines / Via

Burger #38

Piled high with flavor and oozing with goodness, the Sassy Sriracha Double Decker Cheeseburger is a double dose of heaven between two buns.

Day 22: Gotta Be NC Burger via Pastry Chef Online

Pastry Chef Online / Via

Burger #39

Using almost all locally-sourced products, the Got To Be NC burger features Cheerwine pulled pork, fried pickles, sweet slaw, jalapeño cheese and bacon-onion jam.

Day 26: Wisconson Grass Fed Bison Bratwurst Burger via It's Yummi / Via It's Yummi

Burger #47

When in Wisconsin, do as the Cheeseheads do and build your burger with some of Wisconsin's finest ingredients. Yes, cheese curds and homemade beer cheese sauce are required elements.

Day 27: Turkish Beef Burger via Magnolia Days

Magnolia Days / Via


Forget the usual and make this Turkish Beef Burger with couscous, garlic, and brightness from mint and lemon. It's tastefully topped with lettuce, onion, and creamy cucumber yogurt sauce.

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