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    13 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Cerebral Palsy

    My name is Kendrick Williams and I have Cerebral Palsy. People think a lot of things when they see that I have a disability. Most of those things aren't true. People with Cerebral Palsy can follow their dreams like everyone else!

    1. You get diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy as a baby.

    2. Cerebral Palsy effects different parts of your body.

    There are three different ways cerebral palsy affects people. It can affect your legs only, your legs and your arms or only one half of your body-- like your right leg and your right arm or your left leg and your left arm.

    3. Cerebral Palsy does not affect your personality.

    4. Cerebral Palsy affects the way your brain works with your muscles.

    5. Stretching daily helps loosen up your body.

    6. People with Cerebral Palsy have to go to the doctor… a lot!

    7. ⅓ people with Cerebral Palsy can't walk.

    8. Cerebral Palsy can slow you down.

    It takes me longer to get out of bed because my muscles hurt and I get so tired. It also takes me longer to switch classes because I have to pack up all my stuff. Some kids take a long time to put on their clothes and shoes. Other kids have a hard time getting out of the tub and might slip and fall.

    9. Cerebral Palsy makes it hard to write or type.

    10. People with Cerebral Palsy don't always need help.

    We tend to be very independent, and we like to do things on our own. Don’t try to help us with every little thing. I can put my food in the microwave and carry my own stuff. I clean my own room and do my own laundry. I like to play video games and walk to the park with my friends. I’m just a regular teenager.

    11. There are 17 million people in the world with Cerebral Palsy.

    Out of all 17 million, only 1 out of 3 can walk. Some people have a lot of support and good families that take care of them and some people have a nurse that comes to help them every day, and some people have to figure everything out all alone.

    12. People with Cerebral Palsy don't feel different than other people.

    We have feelings just like any other person. We go through things normal people go through. We can fall in love, get depressed, make friends and achieve our goals.

    13. Cerebral Palsy inspires you to work harder and get stronger.