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Surviving Your Twenties - As Told By Friends Gifs

Seriously, you'll be fine. Here are ten reasons you aren't having a quarter-life crisis.

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1. You don't have to have your life together.

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Anyone who says they do is lying. You have time to figure it out.

2. Not all relationships are created equal.

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You can be single.Or in a relationship. Or cuddle on the couch on Friday nights with the dog. Whatever, it doesn't matter. You do you.

3. You can choose what you want in life.

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Just because you went to school for something, or didn't, that does not define you.

4. Be smart, about money and sex.

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Try to save money and don't spend it all on Chipotle and alcohol. Also use protection and get tested.

5. Be nice.

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Sometimes it's hard, but do it and you'll feel better about yourself. You might even make someone's day.

6. Try to exercise every now and then.

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Happy=Healthy=Relaxed. Yes, dancing counts.

7. Learn to cook something decent and simple.

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Yes, pasta counts. Easy mac does not.

8. Find yourself.

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Either by travel or just reading an amazing book. Find some way to figure out what you want in life.

9. Love yourself.

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Self love comes first and then you can love someone else or just appreciate the world around you and find something you love.

10. Take your time. And be smart about it.

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Life is not a race. Slow your roll. Everything will eventually work out.

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