I am a graphic designer living and working in Chicago. I will be in New York this fall for an internship. Sewing, reading, and writing are my hobbies. I love the internet and music keeps me sane.
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  • Mary-Kate Olsen and Vanessa Hudgens Are Beastly

    Another movie that teen girls will scream over a hot shirtless guy. Bratty New York teen (Alex Pettyfer) - I’m predicting he’ll be the new Taylor Lautner - picks on misfit classmate (Mary-Kate Olsen) - Yay for Full House. Olsen casts a spell on Pettyfer into a hideous monster. Blind teacher (Neil Patrick Harris) - I love you Barney Stinson - tutors Pettyfer. Damsel in distress (Vanessa Hudgens) - I refuse to watch any of the High School Musicals - gets robbed and Pettyfer saves Hudgens. Later they fall in love. Voila! It’s happily ever after. Movie comes out next year in March.

  • Cop Lets Brooklyn Girl Die from Asthma Attack

    Briana, 11, suffered an asthma attack at 5:15 p.m. Friday at a playground in Carroll Gardens. Her mother, Carmen Ojeda, was stopped by a man in uniform as she tried desperately to rush Briana to a hospital. The officer refused to give CPR. He smirked and responded, “I don’t do CPR.” A Good Samaritan performed CPR on Briana on the way to the hospital and later told WABC/Channel 7 he’s certain the man in uniform was an NYPD officer.

  • Charge IPod With Durian Fruit Tutorial

    Here’s a Thai commercial that will draw your attention to a man charging an iPod with Durian fruit. Expect a good twist -not a M Night Shyamalan twist. Plants, really? - at the end. Durian has an unusual taste and smell. According to Andrew Zimmern on Bizarre Foods, “It “tastes like rotten, mushy onions.” I agree!

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