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Being A Kid In The Morning Vs. Having To Be A Parent In The Morning

And you thought mornings were bad in your college years.

1. When you're a kid, you wake up because you can't wait to get the new day started!

When you're an wake up because your kid can't wait to get the new day started.

2. When you're a kid, showering is a drag, man.

When you're an adult, it's often the only break you're going to get today.

3. As a kid, you struggle to motivate yourself to brush your teeth.

And as a parent, you know it's even harder to summon the motivation to get two (or more) sets of teeth brushed.

4. Kids put on the clothes their parents have washed.

Parents put on the clothes that their kids have stained.

5. For kids, being on time is something that's up to their parents and the bus driver.

Parents know being on time is all on them...though it does seem like the universe is actively working against them sometimes.

6. In the morning, kids make sure their homework is ready for school.

Parents also make sure their homework is done — but to them, "homework" is literally making sure the home is clean and livable when kids come home.

7. Kids seemingly have boundless energy in the morning.

Adults...have their coffee.

8. Kids get hangry when they don't have their breakfast.

Parents...also get hangry when they don't have their breakfast.

While kids may seem like they have boundless energy, breakfast is actually an important part of keeping kids focused so they can learn in class. That's why No Kid Hungry supports National School Breakfast Week, in an effort to make sure every kid can get a healthy start to the day.