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Bryan Ferry On Meeting Andy Warhol

Bryan Ferry speaks to John Doran about when he first met Andy Warhol before the Roxy Music's Manifesto Tour: "He liked my red suit very much"

NoiseyMusic 7 years ago

UNCOVERED: Noisey Reveals Drake's British Roots

Plymouth. The jewel of England's south coast, our riviera if you will. But while there are many rich cultural exports from this beautiful port city, there's one in particular that may surprise you -- multi-platinum selling rapper and singer, Drake. We headed to his humble British hometown to uncover just how cherished Drake is there, by Plymothians young and old alike. Watch the video on

NoiseyMusic 7 years ago

Skating With Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith is only 14, but he's blowing up real quick. Noisey went skating with him and his crew and chatted about Twilight, slang, and celeb crushes... because why not, right?

NoiseyMusic 7 years ago