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Harry Potter V. Stranger Things

So like.... anyone else v unsettled by the parallels from our sweet baby loves in Hawkins, Pennsylvania and our bebe witches n wizards at Hogwarts??? Here's why you should be if you aren't already. *spoiler alerts if ur not caught up*

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1. The Chosen One

A part of the enemy lives inside a boy, and he must lose his life to kill it.

2. A Brave Friend Group

Call them Harry, Hermione and Ron OR Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Eleven.... it's all the same. Friends who end up in the most unlikely situations and have to use their bravery and brains to save their friend, and eventually the world.

3. A Love Interest Within the Squad

We never saw it coming... but when it happened, we could never imagine anything else we would ever want. Ron and Hermione, Mike and Eleven. Matches made in heaven. I mean, what else would happen when you place a strong, independent, brilliant and beautiful girl amidst a group of goofy guys. Surely one of them will fall in love.

4. The Adult That You Low-Key Think Is Evil, But Ends Up Being The Hero We All Needed.

Oh Jim Hopper, oh Severus Snape. You sneaky little hearts-of-gold. We all thought you were terrifying, we're not afraid to admit it. But our hearts grew 25 sizes the minute we knew. You were good all along. Jim, thanks for taking Eleven in as your own. And Sevvy, thanks for sacrificing your life to watch over Harry.

5. ^^ Those Dudes Fighting To Save The Life Of The Son Whose Mother They Love

"After all this time?" "Always." Everything that Snape and Hopper did was for Lily and Joyce. Like damn.

6. The Teacher That Helps Them

We were nervous at first. A teacher? Helping these kids that we love so much? Can we trust them? But our dear Professor Lupin and Mr. Clarke proved us so wrong, and we're okay with it.

7. A Creepy Vine That Doesn't Like Light

Mmmmm yeah, we see what you did there @strangerthings. A vine that strangles children in dark places, only fought by heat and light.

8. A Final Battle That Connects Good and Evil

I mean... do we even need to explain? Side by side it's the same scene. Eleven and Harry both recall all of the people and moments that have led them to this point where they finally defeat evil. The battle connects the power of good and evil, and ultimately the good wins.

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